Santo Domingo de Guzmán and Meeting New People

Santo Domingo
Oaxaca has many visitors who return each year. Today, I met Tom, from mid-state New York,
a retired teacher of World History. Did I tell you that history is one of my passions? Tom was leading a tour of the most visited church in Oaxaca, Santo Domingo de Guzmán. The tour was organized by the Library and cost me $5.50 (proceeds to the Library).

Every inch of the interior is decorated.
World History, as Tom explains, is looking at a site and noticing the influences of other cultures.
In Santo Domingo, I noticed the shell of Santiago of Compostella and the fleur-de-lis of the Dominican Order. Tom pointed out Roman, Greek and Islamic influences as well. I have visited Santo Domingo before but I had not made the connections. My experiences in French and Spanish churches (thank-you Mary) have enriched my appreciation of the architecture.

I must be starting to look comfortable as a younger middle-aged woman approached me to inquire about safety and solo woman travellers. She wanted to stay a longer time than her husband. I can honestly say that I have had no one other than indigenous vendors approach me in the street. Men wearing caps remove them when they pass. I speak Spanish but people in the corner store write the total on a scrap of paper to show me. I am many shades fairer than the Oaxaqeñas and a few inches taller so I do stand out.

Opera House
There are many cultural events of all sorts in Oaxaca. The Opera House plays the HD versions of the Metropolitan Opera for opera buffs but I think that I will go to a play in Spanish.
Tickets are less than $5.00

I was out early this morning and find myself back at el apartamiento for the warmer part of the day. It is about 28C and so I enjoy the coolness and quiet of my temporary home. Una hamburgesa de pollo for lunch means yogurt and fruit for dinner. 

I will be looking for more Library events as I certainly enjoyed the tour and the company!


  1. It sounds like you are settling in well Madame which I' really glad to hear. I hope you enjoy the weekend.

    1. There are so many interesting sights and activities to experience here. I think that there is entertainment in the parks on the week-end so I will enjoy people-watching.

  2. In this and other posts you illuminate a wonderful formality, hospitality and grace you're encountering. The word 'dignity' comes to mind. So interesting about the multi-cultural influences in the architecture.

  3. Dignity came to my mind as well. Oaxaca seems to be like a European city of a different time. I'm not sure of the after dark life but as an older woman, I don't go out alone at night even at home. I really enjoyed the historical tour and I hope that there will be more.


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