Colours and Adios Mi Hermano

My grey/black/blue wardrobe is being fully used on this trip.

I am a daily reader of The Vivienne Files. No other blog has had a greater influence on my wardrobe and on how I combine clothing. For most of my working years, I was a "clothes horse" and my closets and drawers bulged and sagged under the weight of my excesses. Not a pretty metaphor!

Now I am retired, my hair is grey and although I am not as thin as I might wish, I am strong and healthy. My wardrobe needs to be simple, multipurpose and easily maintained. I have been away from home for more than a month with just a small suitcase. As I can't reach the overhead compartment on a plane and I am a solo traveller, I don't do carry-on. My trips are lengthy but this year, I am staying in the city of Oaxaca so I am only packing for one climate. I am volunteering in a very dusty library and I am tutoring teenage students so my wardrobe is a working one. This travel experience has been planned as a lower-cost alternative to Europe, so I won't be making a lot of purchases.
My only purchase has been this pink cotton top.
I did buy one top that is definitely not grey/black or blue but I have worn it a lot and it does provide
a more colourful alternative. Oaxaca is about colour and textiles. Yesterday, Beto and I visited the Textile Museum in San Pablo, a restored area of Oaxaca. The museum is free so I will visit again and take photos. On Tuesday, we visited Teotitlan del Valle, where weavers use traditional methods and natural dyes to create carpets and wall hangings.
beautiful colour

If you love colour, this is the place! The Zapotec weavers have been weaving for more than a thousand years.

The colours come from natural sources and can be changed by adding acid (lime juice) or base (chalky mineral).
Many of the patterns have been derived from early Zapotec stonework.
stonework at Mitla where we visited on Tuesday
My brother left at 4:45 this morning. In a week, we had a lot of adventures. Although there are only 14 months between us, my brother and I haven't spent a lot of time together. We have lived apart for more than 40 years and our life styles are quite different. We talked so much this week about education, philosophy, religion, adventures and even family! We rode buses, drank beer (me not so much), visited people and sites and got to know each other better. Now he is going home to spend Easter with his family….

Easter window on Rue du Pas de la Mule
I have been alone in Paris for Easter but I do prefer to have company. Easter in Paris is a time for lovely 
shop windows full of fashion and food. In Oaxaca, Semana Santa is a time for processions and worship. It is definitely "all part of the adventure" as my brother would say!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend time with your brother! He must have been grateful to get to see Oaxaca with you as such a competent guide.

    1. My brother has never been to Mexico so Oaxaca was a totally unexpected experience for him.
      Travelling with a brother was a totally different experience for me! You are travelling with your sister later this year, aren't you?

  2. You look great in your greys and blues and the pink is a nice addition.

    I am glad that you had such a good time with your brother and that he was able to share your adventure.

    1. I don't think that I will ever be a wardrobe "purist" but the basic wardrobe concept is working well on this trip. I don't spend time alone with my brother, so it was a true sharing experience.


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