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What should I do today?
Every Sunday, when I don't have volunteer work, I am confronted with many choices of cultural activities.  Today, I decided to visit a gallery, attend a concert by the Oaxaca State orchestra and have a meal at a  museum fundraiser. The first two activities were completely free.

the black pottery of Oaxaca
The former convent of San Pablo houses a textile museum, art gallery, workshops, coffee bar and restaurant. You can sit in the courtyard, watch artisans work, purchase crafts, listen to music or visit the displays in the rooms of the convent. I visited a display of black pottery.
The San Pablo Cultural Centre is funded by the Alfredo Harp Helú  Foundation.
A number of cultural sites in Oaxaca are funded by the Alfredo Harp Helú Foundation. They are beautifully restored and there is no admission charge. I wondered who Alfredo was. I discovered that he is the cousin of the second richest man in the world!!! Alfredo used to own Banamex (a bank) that he sold for a lot of money. Oaxaca is a city full of surprises.
Macedonio Alcalá theatre
A free concert by the Oaxaca State Orchestra was being held in the Macedonio Alcalá theatre. I had a choice because a piano concert was being held in the Santo Domingo Cultural Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and I was amazed at the beauty of the theatre.
Our theatre at home seems Spartan in comparison.

By the end of the concert, it was time for the mid-afternoon meal. There was an event at the Museo Belber Jimenez, a museum funded by Federico Jimenez, a Mixtec jeweller who became very successful
in the United States and who donated a building and a collection of pre-Columbian gold jewellery to the city. The event was called Pig Nic. Six or seven Oaxacan restaurants were grilling pork dishes and vegetables.
a busy place
I paid 200 pesos and could choose from an assortment of different dishes. I joined a Mexican family at a table and enjoyed some different tacos, a scramble of corn, onion, peppers and pork, and roasted vegetables.
a freshly made taco
I  have three more Sundays in Oaxaca so I have more opportunities to explore. Although Oaxaca is a city with a lot of poverty, it seems to be a city with many generous benefactors and incredible cultural


  1. What a panoply of cultural possibilities!

  2. You and Pater would love it here! The cultural and gastronomic activities are endless and really inexpensive.


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