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It is impossible for me to travel all of the time. During the last four years, I have been away for almost half the year. In British Columbia, where I live, our provincial medical insurance is based on being in the province for a least 6 months of the year. It is possible to extend this but most retirees stick to the 6 months rule.
Who wouldn't like to live in Paris?
I have found that the most expensive aspect of long-stay travel in Europe has been housing. In Paris, I have chosen apartments in proximity to the Sorbonne, Seine and major museums and art galleries. If I had been prepared for a longer commute, I could have chosen apartments further out but I may have sacrificed ease of movement or security.

This year, was my first "frugal" vacation. Volunteer vacations or overseas teaching are rewarding adventures. My brother, who visited me in Oaxaca, is currently employed as the superintendent of a British Columbia offshore school in Cairo. Retirement can provide the time for paid or unpaid adventures.

Monsieur and I attended Ageless Pursuits at the University of British Columbia this summer. It was an interesting experience and our professor had taught Monsieur back in the 1960's. We attended lectures on Migrants of the 20th and 21st centuries and on the culture of Ancient Athens. I plan to enroll in a weekly lecture/discussion series this fall. As a repeat student (no, I did not fail!), I received a voucher for $75 off my next course. Monsieur, who has passed the age of 65, can audit any class for free. We are both interested in a variety of topics and we now have the freedom to study what we wish.
our new family member
Our strata has finally changed a "no-pets policy".  Since I plan to be around this winter and Monsieur is certainly not a traveller, we have adopted a puppy. Tilde is 13 weeks old and has been with us for 5 weeks. I spend time with Tilde every day teaching her to live with us in the apartment. 

I have been "curating" my wardrobe and books. Four years into retirement, my clothing needs are fewer. I enjoy the freedom of suitcase living and hope to eventually live with a minimalist wardrobe.
I started with weeding 5 items a week but after 10 weeks, decisions are becoming more difficult.

Our community library in "The Core" where I live is the recipient of a lot of books as I weed my library. I like to shelve and organize books and I occasionally meet another resident who particularly enjoys mystery novels.

This week, the weather changed. I have enjoyed warm sunshine for the last 6 months. This morning, I had to close the storm windows on the balcony, rain is falling and the trees are blowing. Perhaps the forest fires will be controlled. 

Leaves are changing early from lack of rain and children get ready for school. A couple of teacher friends face their first retirement year. A change is definitely in the air!

painting by unknown local artist from the Steveston Grand Prix of Art

In Steveston, every September, there is a one-day open air painting event.


  1. Your new puppy will bring lots of fun into your home. I enjoyed reading your posts from Oaxaca and look forward to more from Vancouver. Taking classes is a great way to stay active and thinking - I think I could be a forever student sometimes - there are so many interesting things to learn!
    The wind blew here most of the morning, but it's calmer now. More rain likely. We do need the moisture for the fires. Have a good weekend.

  2. I find that I enjoy the stimulation of discussion of a topic. It is one thing to read but another to share ideas.
    We lost our power for a short time but the rain has stopped and the winds are calmer. We really do need the rain.

  3. It's lovely to read a post from you Madame!

  4. So glad to see you back here, Mme! And I'm very happy to meet Tilde, so cute!
    It's been stormy here much of the day, but not as dramatic as what you had on the Mainland -- so many trees down! Nobody's complaining about the rain though, right?!

    1. No, we really needed the rain. We have a lot of power outages and trees down.

  5. Very glad to see you back on your blog. Congratulations on the lovely pup!

    1. This is my first ever puppy so it is a learning experience for both of us.


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