September:A Time for New Starts

September in the vineyard
This is the fifth September that I have been retired. Each year, our Retired Teachers' Association has
a "Start School without Me" luncheon at a local golf club. I attended the first year after my retirement but in subsequent years, I have chosen to go out with my ever-increasing group of retired friends. Since I started school in 1959, September has always seemed to be a time for making plans.

Didn't we look different 56 years ago?
This September, I will be visiting New York City with my daughter in celebration of her fortieth birthday. Our Canadian dollar has taken a nosedive since we planned this trip a year ago. We will be renting an apartment in Jersey City and commuting to Manhattan. I enjoy fruit and yogurt in the morning with my coffee so we will definitely be eating our morning meal in Jersey.

The new "Peopling of America" exhibit opened on Ellis Island in May of this year. I have always been fascinated by the history of migrations so I am especially looking forwards to visiting.

On the same theme is the The Tenement Museum on Orchard Street in the Lower East Village. Guided tours, some with actors depicting immigrants to New York, are available at the museum.

M. and I will not be heading south this year so I finally joined the Seniors' Centre (except my card says "Active Adult.") It is worth noting that yoga classes are less than half price at the Centre. I have also volunteered to do "front of house" or "walk an author" this year at the Vancouver Writers' Festival. This year, I would like to see John Vaillant, who wrote The Jaguar's Children, a novel about a migration from Oaxaca to the United States. Volunteers are eligible for some free tickets so it is very much a win/win opportunity.

Every year, I buy a subscription to our local theatre productions and I always miss half of the shows.
This year, I plan to be in town for all of them. I belong to a small group of people who meet for discussion twice a month and I will be attending an Elder Scholar series on World Affairs.

I took this photo from the Staten Island ferry.
I am not a very athletic woman. In the past, I done a lot of walking but my natural inclination is to read a lot. I will make an effort to go to our indoor pool  and to do weights at the community centre across the street twice a week. My pool is free and as an "AA" (Active Adult), the centre is inexpensive. Tilde needs to get more shots and to feel comfortable with the leash before we can do much walking.

I still have too many clothes. It takes all my willpower not to succumb to autumn purchases. Josephine at Chic at Any Age wrote a blog earlier this week on Planning your Wardrobe for the New Season. There is a lot of work yet to be done in my closet.

"The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many."
-   Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. New York is on our travel list too....if Matilda is still on Broadway try to get tickets. My walking partner went and said it was the best play that she had seen.
    September is a great time to make changes...sounds like you have been busy too. A new puppy, a club membership, wardrobe weeding and trip planning.
    Enjoy! Nice to read your posts again too.

  2. I would like to see Matilda. My daughter has chosen "Phantom" for her birthday gift so I'm not sure if we will be able to see two shows. I might try the same day ticket sales to see what the half price possibilities are.
    I have not spent much time in NYC but there are probably lots of interesting neighbourhoods to explore on foot and the weather should be fine. Are you visiting soon?

  3. New York is on my Dream Travel List! I'll look forward to your reports Madame.

  4. You have some wonderful plans for the fall. I'd love to get to New York again ( spent a week there 25 years ago and loved it! Saw Phantom. Les Mis, and something Neil Simon....) I hope to get to where you are before long, to taking better advantage of all the local opportunities, which are rich.

  5. You've chosen some nice things to do on your visit to New York. Like many big cities, you have to visit several times or you'll exhaust yourself trying to see it all. As a New Yorker, I'd say walk the neighborhoods - West Village; Upper West Side; even the Upper East Side; Chelsea, if you have time. Central Park is lovely in the Fall (although right now we are going through a heat wave). If theatre is your interest Off Bway has some nice productions. I'd be glad to send you links if you'd like. Whatever you do, enjoy and welcome to my home. :-)


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