Now I'm Sixty-Four

definitely grey

Do you remember long ago when the Beatles sang "When I'm 64"? It seemed impossible, didn't it.
Well, now I'm there. The years since retirement have flown by. I've travelled lots, fulfilled my dream of living in Paris, done some volunteer work, lost a parent and embarked on a search for purpose in the last part of life.

It is the last third of life no matter what attitude one wants to adopt. I joined the Senior Centre this year and received a happy birthday call from them today. A member of my study group from church
called as well. It is so important in this part of life, I believe, to connect with others and to keep meeting new and interesting people.

a walk near home
In the new year, I have increased the frequency of my walks. My friends and I enjoy walking along the river where we often see eagles and herons. This winter has been mild and I have spotted my early snowdrop. Each year, I find the same patches of brightness in the January grey!

Winter is short here and the camellias bloom early.
I have been culling for a very long time: papers, books, toiletries and clothing. Right now, my favourite clothing is grey or blue. My daughter gave the grey cashmere cardigan that I am wearing in the photo and I have chosen a pair of freshwater pearl earrings for my birthday gift.

I am currently reading Elena Ferrante's second book of the Neapolitan series, The Story of a New Name. The two friends, Lila and Elena, take different paths in life and yet remain friends. I find it interesting to look back on my own life and choices. As a teen, I had a friend with whom I was inseparable but at a point, I chose an academic life, marriage(s) and motherhood. My friend, who studied art in her 50's, lives in a small community with a long-term partner and his extended family.

In my study group, we are reading The Encounters:Retelling the Bible from Migration and Intercultural Perspectives. The title sounds a bit heavy, but we are looking at the stories of migrant
women in the Old Testament.  As our church is sponsoring some immigrant families, our discussions
seem timely.

Reflection is an important part of my life. Just as young girls make choices on the cusp of adulthood,
it seems to me, that older women have so many more choices to make about the roles that they are going to play in the later part of life. Perhaps, as we age and are freed (hopefully) from the burdens
of our conditioning and expectations, our choices can be fulfilling ones. I hope so!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! The best is yet to come.

  2. "Vibrant" comes to mind when I read your thoughts. Happy Birthday, Happy Year!

  3. Happy birthday. You look so well and I love your hair.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday from Rome, Madame L-B. So much wisdom here, and I love your hair!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday from Sydney!!!!!!!!!
    My mum's birthday is on the same day.
    Wishing you much joy and happiness with lots of wonderful adventures ahead!!!


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