Sunday in Oaxaca

How do they create the wall art?
I often find weekends lonely when I am away from home. Since I have probably spent six months
in Oaxaca over the last five years, I don't do a lot of sight-seeing. There are always different exhibitions in galleries and music in the streets but I do miss a familiar voice or a conversation.

I am now in the Parador del Domenico, a hotel near the lending library where I volunteer. The Parador is a Mexican hotel with rooms around a central courtyard. I have a small private patio
off my room but no cooking facilities. Breakfast is served in a room off the courtyard and today
I met some women from Vancouver Island. We chatted throughout our breakfast of a fresh fruit plate
and scrambled eggs. There are so many Canadians in Oaxaca right now!

waiting to perform

Sunday, the zocalo is where the action is. Last year, there were protesters camped in the zocalo so there were no concerts. This year, campers gone, there are youth bands playing every week. It seems that every Mexican youth plays music and owns a regional costume. 

Today,  I stumbled upon the First Annual Oaxaca Marathon. The finish line was at the zocalo as well. Streets throughout Oaxaca were closed and I have never seen so many police. 
the first Oaxaca Marathon

In a corner of the zocalo, in front of the Government Palace, there is a banner and megaphones.
The fate of the 43 missing (murdered) student teachers is still uncertain and nobody has been
punished. The Trique people (an indigenous group) are living in poverty and being forced off their
still missing

In the zocalo on Sunday, there is something for everyone! I listen to the first few readings of the mass in the Cathedral, watch the band for a while, and people watch.  Mealtimes are different in Oaxaca.
I ate breakfast at 9:30 in my hotel but nobody eats the next meal until at least 2:00. I have been eating
just one full meal a day but since breakfast is included....At 2:00, I make my way to a seafood restaurant where the first person that I see is another library volunteer.

crayfish tacos with fresh guacamole

Entertainment is very inexpensive in Oaxaca. There is always something to see in the streets and squares. The expatriate community is very welcoming and a little bit of Spanish goes a long way with the local people.

 It's Monday morning again and time to get ready to work at the library. Today, I am also attending a lecture on the history of Oaxaca. Time is a very subjective thing! Sometimes I feel lonely and time seems to pass slowly, then I realize that I have only 10 days left and.....I never know what new experiences I might have.


  1. YOu seem to ride out the waves of loneliness very well -- and you also seem to be making the most of the opportunities to learn and to see new things and to meet new people. I suspect those next 10 days will pass quickly for you and you'll soon be missing Oaxaca's sunshine and liveliness.

    1. Loneliness comes and goes...Then there is guilt over spending an inordinate amount of time
      reading. I picked up a book by Lauren Groff who I heard at the Writers' Festival in the fall.
      I haven't started as I'm reading it yet. Have you read anything by her? To read on a sunny patio in February/March is a luxury.

  2. Thank you for sharing as now I am a armchair traveller.
    Before work/ family, I too travelled by myself, and I am so glad I did. Well worth the lonely moments.


    1. I love to read about other people's travels and experiences too! We travel when we are able and it is fun to share experiences.

  3. I understand how the weekends are long and sometimes a bit of a challenge. It sounds like your rode this one out very well. I found the bits of local information very interesting, as Mexico doesn't make it on the news here much unless there is a tragedy.

    1. It seems that the only news that we receive about Mexico in Canada is about drug cartels
      or about tourists who get in trouble. There are thousands of older Canadians living safely and comfortably in Mexico. Unfortunately, there are a lot of indigenous Mexicans who live in very poor circumstances.

  4. My appreciation to you for having the courage to spend time alone in a foreign country, far from your usual commodities and for being helpful to other people. Felicidades¡¡


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