A Rhythm of the Days

some of the indigenous costumes from the Belber-Jimenez  Museum

It is less than a week before I return home to Canada. My days in Oaxaca have taken on a pleasant rhythm this week. The Parador del Domenico has worked well as a temporary home. My room is clean and bright. I settle in for the evening with my books and computer and I often awaken to the
sounds of the arrival of the morning staff. The employees are always laughing and joking with each other in the enclosed courtyard.

the courtyard outside my door

Breakfast is included with my room. I have become accustomed to a plate of freshly sliced fruit,
scrambled eggs and coffee. Mexican families with children, business travellers, and retired Canadian
ladies gather in the breakfast room each day. I especially enjoyed eating with the other Canadian visitors. Whether at home or away, eating alone gets tiresome.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I volunteer at the Oaxaca Lending Library. It has been 3 weeks now
and I am just starting to feel comfortable. Many of the volunteers live permanently in Oaxaca and snowbirds usually come for 3 months so I am really just a "blip" in the volunteer world. I do love the library and the enthusiasm of its members for books and for the community.  There are many educators who congregate at the library and I have especially enjoyed the historical lectures that have been offered. For me, as a retiree with a busy husband and no grandchildren, community and friendships are very important.

So much colour!

As I have spent months in Oaxaca before and as I am planning to travel to Ireland in the late summer,
I am keeping my expenditures to a minimum. The traditional Oaxacan moles are rich so I have been eating mostly salads or fish. It is surprising that in a dry, landlocked city, the variety and quality of produce is excellent. The prices are much lower than at home but the restaurants that I visit are definitely for visitors with more money than the indigenous Oaxaqueño.

The sights of Oaxaca cost little! Benefactors have paid for the restoration of many of the colonial buildings which are used as public spaces. If you wander the streets, there are many examples of the  traditional dress of the indigenous people. This week,Oaxaca is hosting an International Dance Festival where Mexican, as well as Spanish, Argentinian, and American dancers will perform. All events are free and I'm sure to see some colourful costumes.

free dance festival

I have lived my life in a Northwestern Marine climate. Our colours are grey, blue and green with an emphasis on the grey. As I wander the streets of Oaxaca, it is such a joy to experience the brilliant hues on a daily basis.

Colour and detail!


  1. Love the vibrant colours in these images...
    it must feel so wonderful to be in a sunny climate and enjoying the culture of another country.

    1. Those colours are everywhere. So beautiful and joyful!

  2. Especially through our long grey coastal winters, what a treat to have your spirit and creativity nurtured by those colours and sounds and tastes. To say nothing of the value of bolstering your ability to find joy traveling solo through the world.

    1. There is so much creativity and colour so readily accessible here! The trick is to take some of it home with me.


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