Rambling On

I enjoyed walking through villages in Devon.

It seems to me that when one is almost midway through the 7th decade, one is entitled to one's preferences. As time grows shorter, it is important to establish priorities.  I am "une flâneuse", a person who loves to stroll without any particular purpose and to look at shop windows, street signs and passersby.
I have no grandchildren but I love the window!

I am not a "shopaholic" but I love to see items displayed as an art form. Shop windows tend to be my 
navigational tools. I'm likely to say "just past the cheese shop" or "around the corner from the bookstore".
I don't play any stringed instrument but I loved these guitars in Lerwick.

I enjoy rambles through beautiful countryside but even more, I love to stop to look at flowers,
drink a glass of wine at a pub or visit an old churchyard. Although I can walk for hours, the physical exercise is just an added benefit. I try to imagine life in a village or wonder how many hours it took
to create a work of graffiti.

misty morning in Cornwall

At home, where the automobile reigns supreme, there are not so many places to walk. Large homes without gardens are replacing the smaller, well-kept bungalows of the past. In the fishing village near me (no longer really a fishing village), apartments are replacing the small homes
of fishermen and cannery workers.
seaside cottage in Devon
In our community, a pathway has recently been built for walkers and bikers. Unfortunately, blackberry thickets where birds and small mammals lived were removed. The new plantings will take 
some years to develop. It's a pleasant place to walk our puppy or to have an ambulatory chat with a friend, but it is devoid of whatever makes a walk interesting to me. I try to walk 3 times a week but for the last little while, my walking buddy has been under the weather. I think that I need to start planning my next trip!


  1. My walking partner has been under the weather too...it would be nice if we lived closer and could enjoy a long walk together. It would be fun getting to know you better too.

  2. It's hard to get motivated for a solitary walk in my own neighbourhood. It's much nicer to have a friend! I suspect that you and I would be good walking buddies if we lived closer as we have many common interests.

  3. I'm really hoping that whatever neighbourhood we land in will be good for walking. Actually, we're doing more than just hoping -- this has become an important item on our Condo Shopping List. One of the delights of our European city vacations is the richness of walking opportunities -- so much to occupy all the senses while getting pleasant exercise!


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