Life-long Learning

learning to see in an urban setting

When I started blogging, I tried to commit to writing on a regular basis. One of my goals was to write  regularly and to be read by others. I have always written poetry, journals, essays....and I enjoy the process. In every writing class that I have ever enrolled in, the instructor has stressed the importance of spending time at the craft.

Who lives here?

What I am finding increasingly difficult is to write about fresh, new topics. Novelty is not always part of my day-to-day life. Last week was very busy for Monsieur and me. We attended a week-long session of lectures at the university. Ageless Pursuits, 4 week-long sessions in June, is developed for older adult learners with eclectic interests. The format, each day, is 2 one-hour lectures with a half hour break. The students seem to range from 60-something to 80-something.

Monsieur and I chose to study Urban Wildlife and Plants and Ideas of God. How eclectic is that!
The course formats were very different but the professors were both excellent. As a former educator,
I prefer an interactive method of teaching to a traditional lecture method. I was inspired to create my own homework to research indigenous plants that could be added to my garden patch in our complex.
The University has moved away from traditional plantings and most of the spaces have been planted with drought-resistant native plants.

Look carefully!

Since I started to go to church, I have been interested in theology:why people choose to believe and how personal beliefs differ. Our course dealt with the Greeks, the Abrahamic religions, Buddhism and the attempts by some scientist/philosophers to prove or disprove the concept of God. Quite a lot to cover in 5 hours!

The university has changed so much since I first attended in the 1970's. Students seem to have a lot more money as there are restaurants and coffee shops everywhere! Lattes have replaced the 17-cent
Food Service coffee. Smartphones and earbuds seem to have become a part of the student anatomy!
Despite these differences, I expect that somewhere on the campus, there must be a latter day me, enthused to be in such a place of learning.

Sometimes people ask me and sometimes I ask myself: why would older adults who no longer work want to study rather than to amuse themselves with some other entertainment. I have no answer to that question but I find that discussion, study and lecture is as important to me now as it was to my
18 year-old self.


  1. Oh my goodness! When we stop learning, we might as well curl up in a ball & close the shades. That's why I enrolled in a Master's program at 57. That's why at 60 I am still taking professional development courses. It is wonderful that you have a university resource so close to home. Bravo that you take advantage of it. I can't wait to be 65 so that I can attend lectures & similar workshops for free at a local state college. Alas, right now I have to pay...As I tell my students, keep on learning!

    1. It's true! I have a 94 year-old man in my Bible discussion group and a 90 year-old lady in my book club. I will be 65 next year and I plan to take advantage of free lectures.

  2. One of the things to which I look forward is auditing courses at the university for free. A friend has spent the last three years studying Russian. At the end of May she and another friend flew to Vladivostok and then rode the Trans Siberian Railroad to Moscow. What an adventure - life long learning, for certain!

    1. Isn't it great to have the opportunity to learn a new language and to use it in our older years!
      I would like to study more history, religious studies and literature in the future. It is certainly an adventure.

  3. I so agree with Carol Woodard! Both my retired husband and I are thankful for the freedom to seek after our interests. We are busier now with multiple pursuits then when we were working. Whether focusing at/on our home or away from it, we are curious! May it ever be!
    Regarding your blog frequency/novel topics...why not share what you are learning at your pursuits? I'm curious...
    :). Charlene


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