Retirement Project:A Pet

our first visit

During the last year, Monsieur and I have been sharing our common interest: a puppy called Tilde.
Tilde (M. made up the name). I wanted Sophie or Phoebe but her name is Tilde (pronounced Tildee).
Tilde just celebrated her first birthday with a visit to the dog-groomer and a birthday card from one of the neighbours.
our first outing

A few week-ends ago, Monsieur and I took Tilde on her first overnight driving trip. Our destination, Ellensburg Washington for Dachshunds on Parade. We found this fun event on the 
Internet and we decided to attend. Three hundred dachshunds and their owners in a small town in Central Washington State!!

Tilde has a very comfortable fleece-lined Sherpa carrier. She has a chewy stick and a toy in her cozy domaine. We stop regularly at rest stops so that Tilde can have a break.  

Tilde is now a part of the family

We stayed at the EconoLodge in Ellensburg. Why do non-smoking rooms in travellers' motels 
always smell as though someone smoked? Our room is clean and dog-friendly so I guess that a little
mustiness won't kill me.

Tilde has a trick! Tilde plays soccer. If we kick a full-sized soccer ball, Tilde runs after it and "dribbles" it back with her nose. She works at her trick every day with Monsieur who takes her to practise on an empty field. Tilde performed  her trick in the pet  show.

Oh, my goodness! Tilde won a giant trophy. It is almost bigger than she is. Tilde came in second in the pet tricks contest.

Tilde plays soccer

Such a big trophy for such a small dog!
Tilde is my first pet that I have raised as an adult so she is a different sort of retirement learning project for me.


  1. She looks very sweet, and it's fun to see how much she's brightening your life with your Monsieur. My oldest g'daughter is trying to talk us into getting a puppy -- her parents don't think it's fair for them to get one since no one is home during the day. We're hesitating, though, because we travel quite a bit, and we'd need to be sure they could provide respite care. We'll see -- thinking of a French Bulldog.

    1. Tilde has been a positive factor in our relationship. She has grown up living in an apartment and really is no problem. We don't usually travel together but my daughter is willing to stay
      when we both are away. My friends, a young couple, got a French bulldog. He is good-tempered and seems to suit apartment living. But they both work! Tilde does thrive on people company. Playing with M. or cuddling with me when I read. You probably need to spend time in the new home for a while before you decide.

  2. What a lovely retirement project and a she is such a cutie. It sounds like your trip was so much fun. I'd love to have been there.

  3. Absolutely adorable. After I joined my husband in retirement,we welcomed an English Cocker Leo to our home. The past 18 months of raising this new companion have been full of joy and many early mornings. Thankfully, I'm a morning person.

  4. How delightful! Tilde has a wonderful home -- and you both have a lovely companion.


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