Head for the Hills

We like to visit the Freestone Inn
Monsieur Là-Bas and I are off on another of our mountain getaways. Monsieur especially loves the North Cascades area of Washington state. It takes about five hours of driving to reach our destination:
the Freestone Inn in Mazama.

We have stayed in the lodge but since we now have Tilde, our miniature dachshund, a cabin suits us better. I can walk out early with Tilde and Monsieur takes her out before bed. We can prepare some meals or eat in the dining room.
Our cabin is basic but....
Our small cabin has a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning and wifi. I put on my hoodie over my pyjamas this morning and took Tilde out. We met a chipmunk on the porch and Tilde smelled so many different scents.

Tilde is enjoying a new experience.

I am reading Americanah  by Chimananda Ngozi Adiche. I have reserved so many books from the library that I hope to finish this one and to start another Irish Linen by Andrew Greeley before I go home. It's only 2 weeks until I leave for Dublin so I really do have so many books, so little time.
scallops with arugula, zucchini and yellow potato mash

If you do visit the Methow Valley in Washington state, there are wonderful restaurants to visit.
I'm a seafood/fish vegetable kind of woman so I really enjoyed the Alaska scallops and vegetables at the Inn.  We really enjoy browsing in The Mazama Store where there are local and organic products, a bakery and deli and a selection of wines as well as books of local interest.

I really enjoy the quiet of our cabin. The neighbours are off somewhere, Monsieur and Tilde are having a siesta and I am gazing out from the porch...
looking into the forest


  1. What a lovely treat to give yourselves. It looks like the sort of place for real rest and rejuvenation.

  2. It is very peaceful. Only a chipmunk and the stream can be heard. But there is lovely dining and perhaps a trip to Winthrop for a change.

  3. Ah, Highway 20 through the North Cascades--one of my all-time favorites.

    1. We have driven the Highway 20 Loop so many times and we always enjoy it.

  4. What a glorious place to visit. My list of places and books grows ever longer. So many books, so many cabins and so little time. enjoy!

    1. It is a lovely part of Washington state to visit. The Highway 20 loop takes you from seashore through mountains and valleys.

  5. Not sure how I missed this or your last post -- I've caught up know, and enjoyed both of these very much. We've never dipped into that eastern part of Washington and your description makes me think it would be worthwhile. And the Ireland trip, coming up so quickly now, sounds just fabulous -- I can see why you'll be a bit anxious about balancing social with quiet time, but I think you'll enjoy having friends to share the experience with, intrepid solo traveller though you are. Can't wait to travel along through the blog.

  6. You and Pater would enjoy the Cascades. We found the Methow Valley 25 years ago. There are lodges, cabins and camping in National Parks sites. Lots of hiking and bike trails as there is a extensive cross-country ski trail system. Highway 20 is called The Cascade Loop and you can travel from the sea to the Interior and back to the sea visiting small towns and National Parks in Washington


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