Dublin Town

the long room (library) at Trinity College
My friends and I booked student accommodation at Trinity College in Dublin. I would highly recommend this for anyone travelling on a budget. We each had a bedroom and we shared a bathroom with shower, a sitting area and a large kitchen. The wifi was free and we discovered the adjacent cafeteria where an Irish breakfast could be had for 5 euros.

Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature. We visited the Book of Kells, the Long Room Library,
The Writers' Museum and the National Library of Ireland. Plaques about the city honour James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Arthur Clark among others. It seemed to me that there were bookshops on almost every block in Dublin.

in the park next to Saint Patrick's Cathedral

I was surprised how inexpensive food has been in our first week. After eating a hearty (for me) breakfast (5 euros), we usually only need one other meal during the day. Seafood is delicious and relatively inexpensive. I do not usually favour hearty stews or pies because heavy meals make me sleepy.

The Irish people are so friendly and helpful. Every time that we look a little bit lost, someone appeared to provide the necessary information.

Our pace is too fast for me. I miss the easy days of wandering the streets. I am reading The Irish Country Doctor which is set in Country Down not far from where my grandmother was born. In a few days, we will be crossing into Northern Ireland.


  1. Oh, those libraries! Great tip on a place to stay if I ever make it to Dublin. I hope you get some time to stroll at your own pace.

    1. There is so much opportunity to explore literature in Dublin. You could easily spend a week
      just visiting libraries and bookstores. Trinity is such a central no-frills location.

  2. Making a note -- I think it would be great to stay at Trinity College, so close to all those iconic libraries and books! Too bad the pace isn't leaving room for you to process as you'd prefer -- I'll echo Lorrie and wish some sauntering in your near future.

    1. We (the sociable introverts) do need that alone time. Seeing sights is only one part of the travel experience for me. One of my co-travellers is experiencing "back to school without me" today. Retirement certainly is an adventure. Good luck in the first days in your new home!


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