A Book for International Women's Day

Whenever I travel to  a different country, I enjoy reading about the culture and the issues of that area.
In Oaxaca, I have especially rich resources as there is a wonderful English-language bookstore and the Oaxaca Lending Library. Each year, I buy at couple of books at Amate and then I donate them to the library or leave them for  other tenants of my apartments.

I just finished Prayers for the Stolen by Jennifer Clement, a Mexico City author who won a humanitarian award for the novel.

my favourite bookstore

Ladydi, a young Guerrero girl lives in a village of women. The men have all left for the North and the young girls are stolen to be trafficked by the drug cartels. Once a girl reaches 11 years of age, she must be "made ugly" or hidden to avoid kidnapping.

In Mexico, as in many countries of the world, women are stolen and forced to work in factories or brothels. They are moved across international boundaries and make up a "hidden world of women".
The girls in Ladydi's village are hidden in holes dug in the cornfields.

Certainly, on International Women's Day, as I sit on my patio in this beautiful city, I am reminded that there are so many women in the world who are not as fortunate as I am.

women weaving
How appropriate! I hear the loudspeaker from the square. A woman speaking about what it means to be a woman in the state of Oaxaca.