Art is Free for All!

on the way to the kitchen
Art is available to all in the city of Oaxaca. Janet and I are staying in the Tierra del Sol Apartments, a gated compound of pretty pink stucco buildings. We have a central walkway and each of the units has its own private patio. The residents, from Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, and California, live here either for the the winter months or year round. They rent their large apartments on a yearly basis and are able to decorate them and to upgrade them as they wish. They have security and they are able to leave belongings in the unit. As a new monthly renter, I have a small studio apartment. Our landlady is a potter so we have art throughout our complex.
outside our gate
When we walk outside our gate, there is an interesting carved tree. Yesterday, we had a short outing
and I captured an art installation of "flying tortilla faces" with the "live" feature on my iPhone.
an international collaboration
tortilla faces 
Every Sunday, I like to visit the ex-convent of San Pablo to listen to music or to take in a free exhibition. This week there was a photography exhibition of typical chocolate drinks of Oaxaca State.
chocolate drinks in Oaxaca
The San Pablo complex provides a serene spot in the city with children's reading centre, a cloister with a restored altar, coffee house, music and a Lebanese restaurant. Next door is the Textile Museum where the present exhibition features representation of human form in weaving.
all of the dyes are from natural sources

Sunday is an especially quiet day in Oaxaca de Juarez. There are few cars and stores don't open in the morning. Church bells ring and the State Band plays in the square. Music, art and for all! Who could ask for more?


  1. You have inspired me to visit Oaxaca. I expect I will find it different from the other places I have visited in that country: Cancun, Mazatlan, although maybe it is more like Cuernavaca. Sometimes resort type destinations can seem the same as each other. Parts of Cancun seemed like Maui and hotels could be almost anywhere. Do you miss being near the water?

  2. Oaxaca is a special place. There is so much culture and art. Yes, I miss having clean drinking water and seeing the ocean. Today, a friend invited me to go swimming in one of the rare swimming pools.
    It is a treat.


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