Back to Mexico!

the eagle and the snake
It's now a week since my friend, Janet and I left Vancouver for Mexico City.  We've been hearing from friends and family about snow at home so we are feeling fortunate indeed. This is the first time
that Janet has visited Mexico so it has been quite an adventure.

We arrived in Mexico City early Saturday morning and after passing the night at the Marriott Hotel at the airport, we took a taxi to our hotel on the Zocalo of Mexico City. The square is the third largest in the world after Tianamen Square and Red Square. Travelling in Mexico is a wonderful experience because every person in the hospitality industry that we have met has helped us enormously. The bellmen rolled our suitcases for two or three blocks to get us a taxi. It is very difficult for cabs or
town cars to stop on the Zocalo.
view from our hotel
One night, when we were staying in Mexico City, we heard a lot of activity in the square. When we looked in the morning, a fería (fair) of local products had appeared. We thoroughly enjoyed tasting local foods and Janet had an opportunity to see native handicrafts. We did not buy anything because Oaxaca is the state of artisans.

our new studio apartment
Tuesday, we flew to Oaxaca. Once again, I have a studio apartment which is a little cozy with a visitor. The landlady, who is an American married to a Mexican, kindly provided an inflatable mattress for Janet. However, as Janet was making her bed up (on the floor), she noticed Carlos the Cockroach. Assured by me, who was sleeping in a bed, that "it was all part of the adventure" and "we're in the tropics after all", Janet bravely slept on her new bed. The next evening, a cockroach scurried from behind the mattress. We decided to share the queen bed and concocted a dish soap
and water insecticide. 

the Ethnobotanic Garden

We are living in central Oaxaca de Juarez, this year. The Ethnobotanic Garden is located nearby. 
I have visited this garden many times. The guide, Carol, a retired anthropology professor has been leading the tour for 16 years and is knowledgeable about the endemic plants of Oaxaca. 

pottery in the courtyard

Our compound is inhabited by a number of snowbirds and ex-pat people who have provided us with lots of practical information. Our landlady is a potter so our common areas are decorated with her works and with a selection of cacti. Tomorrow, we are going to have a get-together. 

This is the first time that my friend has visited Oaxaca so we are spending our time visiting some of the churches, markets and galleries of the city.


  1. I truly enjoy my vicarious visits to Mexico and other locations with you. Thanks so much for your interesting posts.

  2. Glad to hear your adventure is off to a good start.


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