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the palm sellers
On Sundays, in Oaxaca, there's lots of activity. It's not a window-shopping city like Paris but it  is interesting to visit the Zocalo. This Sunday was Palm Sunday (Ramos) so the people were creating all sorts of palm decorations to be sold for Semana Santa (Holy Week).

busy fingers
There will be many processions and decorations this week. Tonight, the reliquaries from seven
churches will be paraded through the streets. There are a lot of free organ concerts as well.
I'm not accustomed to this kind of pageantry but it does make the city colourful.
Big Boy
If religious parades are not your thing, the art scene in Oaxaca is vibrant and free. There used to be flying tortillas in this  open space gallery and now there is a giant sculpture. Each day, I see something new.

This cactus blooms for only one day.
One morning, I came out to my patio to see a giant blossom on a very small nondescript cactus
The next day, it was gone.
Life in Oaxaca is rich in art, music and food! The shortage of water is troubling and the smell of the tap water (sulphurous) is sometimes off putting in my little studio. I love the blue skies and pleasant temperatures but I am not crazy about Carlos the Cockroach or the spiderwebs full of mosquitoes that hang from the ceiling.

Garbage is a real problem here because I am personally responsible for getting rid of any garbage that I create. Toilet paper can't be flushed and must be bagged. All garbage is picked up ( if you put a sign out ) by men with push carts and brooms. You give the men a few pesos and they take the garbage somewhere!!!
Our garbage man's name is Pepe and we hang a sign over the gate. He rings the bell to come in and takes away the garbage.
If you can't wait in for the passing-by of Pepe, you are obliged to carry your bag of garbage with you and to approach another garbage man on the street. I would not like to carry a double-bagged bag of
personal garbage too far.

I'm getting a bit tired of my blue/beige wardrobe but it is practical and I might try to  keep up the routine when I get home I have two pair of sand-coloured linen pants with linen tops, two pair of khaki capris, a beige tencel skirt and blue and white t-shirts. I have a blue cardigan and a blue pullover. Even without a washer or ironing board, I manage by taking clothing to the lavandería
(laundry) infrequently. It's not humid here and I change out of my street clothes as early as possible.
The streets are treacherous with high curbs and uneven sidewalks so I have been wearing my blue
SAS mary-jane shoes almost every day. I'll probably need to replace them when I get home. I brought another pair of blue/silver loafers but they just are not as comfortable as the SAS shoes.

Today, as my Spanish class was cancelled, I am planning to read, write, sketch (perhaps) and go out a
bit later for comida.  I only eat two meals a day and I alternate salad with chicken or seafood with a Mexican style meal.

grilled white fish with spinach and pureed yam

As I enter my seventh week, I get a  little homesick. The bulbs that I planted in the fall are blooming at home. My husband sends me pictures of our little dog. But as I look at the blue sky above me as I sit outside writing, I really don't miss the Vancouver weather.


  1. Glad to see you are posting. Enjoy reading your posts.

    Perhaps when you return to Vancouver we can get together for tea/coffee and I can hear more in person.

    1. I would like to have a coffee/tea when I get back. Thank you.

  2. Love that cactus flower but imagine only for a day...glad you were there to take the picture!
    Your plate of fish and yams looks delicious ad so healthy!
    The weather here has been so gloomy...you made the right decision to fly off to a warmer climate!

    1. I could so easily have missed the bloom in my hurry to go somewhere. The weather at home seems to have been grey for a very long time. Healthy food is so readily available and inexpensive here. At home, fresh meals with vegetables and seafood are so much more expensive than junk food but here the healthy choices are many.


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