A Visit to the Livestock Market

oxen for sale
Today, I visited the Zachila livestock market with my Spanish teacher, Luis. We took an early bus to the zocalo and travelled about 30 minutes to a more rural town. Chickens, goats, pigs and oxen were for sale.
a Pair of Oaxacan tractors
The farmers of the Oaxaca valleys do not have modern equipment. The land is dry and poor for feeding animals. It costs thousands of pesos to buy a pair of oxen.

wooden farm equipment

It was interesting for me to visit the mercado. I had not realized that to own an animal was a source of relative prosperity to a Oaxacan family. A few years ago, a teacher with whom I was working introduced me to Heifer International. A lucky niece received a card for Christmas saying that she had given a goat to some lucky girl.

Heifer International supplies chickens, pigs and oxen to Oaxaqueño recipients. Until I did a bit of research, I did not know that Heifer International has a office just a couple of blocks from where I am living. It's too late now for me to visit them but maybe next year.
a few pigs
I'm almost ready to leave Oaxaca. It's been a different sort of a vacation. A doctor visit with Janet,
cucarachas, meeting many fascinating people, wearing fewer than 33 items of clothing in almost 3 months, Spanish lessons and library work....I have learned about life challenges, politics and education from Luis and I have taught him a little about Canada and Shetland. More than Spanish lessons, I have had an opportunity to discuss in Spanish. I still may have a problem with the imperfect and past perfect subjunctive but I've learned a lot. Luis had me watch some short films on Youtube. Guan Jondred Dolars tells the story well.


  1. You will find the weather improving.
    I started the video but it's not for vegetarians!

  2. The weather seems to be improving. No, Mexico seems to be a meat-based culture.


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