Ageless Pursuits, Pollinators and a Visit

a sunny day on campus
For the last few years, in the month of June, Monsieur and I go back to school. For me, I really have hardly left because I was a student, a parent, a teacher and then a retired student of French, Spanish...
The University of British Columbia, which we both attended many years ago, offers a programme called Ageless Pursuits.

The programme is comprised of short non-credit courses on many different topics. The instructors
are members of different faculties and the offerings are diverse. This week, Monsieur and I learned
about the history of rock music and about tyranny, Trump and Plato's Republic. 

The Department of Continuing Studies is facing financial cutbacks this year. I hope that these programmes are not affected. Adults over 65 can often audit university courses at no cost throughout the year but these classes are especially designed to be of interest to older adults.

salvia with bees
I really enjoy the live photo function of my iPhone. You're not able to see all the buzzing bees in this
salvia but it is alive with pollinators. I've been taking bee pictures because Monsieur and I have now
adopted three parking lot gardens in the hope of creating perennial gardens to attract bees and butterflies. Many of the residents of our complex are too old to dig gardens so M. has become the 
"go to man" for that and I like to play with colour so planting and tending are my preferences. 
The gardens at the University are being left more wild so I had plenty of opportunities to see bees and butterflies.
a musical visit
My husband and his friend of many years sing for the residents of the Purdy Extended Care facility at the University. My father lived here for the last year of his life. Dad enjoyed the Friday pub afternoon when Brian (Monsieur) and his friend entertained. Yesterday, I dropped in. The residents have changed but the songs and the smiles are the same. Some of the staff remembered my dad. It is near
Father's Day and his early July birthday that I miss him the most.

my dad
Going back to university, visiting Purdy Pavilion, gardening plans...There are other fun things to do during our Ageless Pursuit time:eating lunch in restaurants and browsing my favourite 10th Avenue shops. That's for another blog!


  1. Not sure how I've missed all your recent posts, but I'm glad I checked in and saw this -- I have some catching up to do with other posts, but will have to do that later. Meanwhile, I'm glad to have corrected my error about what Ageless Pursuits is -- somehow I thought it might be the seniors' book club you were facilitating. The UBC program sounds really interesting -- I'll have to keep it in mind. . . .

  2. My husband received an quick reply after sending a letter with regards to cutbacks. Ageless Pursuits will not be affected by cutbacks. Extended Learning (UBC) also holds classes for older adults throughout the year using the Tapestry Seniors' residence.


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