On the Road with Husband and Hound

Tilde and trophies in the doggy yard
At least once a year, my husband and I travel to the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. For the last two years, we have travelled with our mini-dachshund Tilde. We have taken Tilde to Dachshunds on Parade in Ellensburg, Washington.

Dachshunds on Parade is a  sports day for dogs. Not a serious dog show but a chance to meet other dachshunds and their owners. There are costume parades, dog trick contests and fun races. Tilde loves to play soccer and she is a very fast runner. This year, she won a first place trophy for soccer and a second in the running race.
The Paws a While Pet Suites
I have been researching dog-friendly travel. I found Paws a While Pet Suites on a website called bringfido.com. The suites include a unit with a doggie door and a fenced yard, dog treats, a dog wash and a special dog sofa.

wild flowers
We like to stop every hour and a half when we travel with Tilde. Monsieur plays ball and I wander about looking at the various wild flowers blooming at these high altitudes.
taking time
It seems important to take time on a road trip. To notice the flowers, to play with the dog....
Often when Monsieur and I are together, we are busy with our separate interests but our little dog seems to be an interest that we share.


  1. I've been thinking about a road trip to the Interior, although I want to settle in at home for a bit first. But we really do live in a beautiful area, and there's much exploring to be done within a day or two's driving. The dog sounds like a really good way to slow the whole process down a bit, be in the moment, not quite as goal-oriented as we sometimes can be when on the highway. . . Enjoy!

  2. When I was a girl our family made regular stops to explore and to read those BC history markers that lined our highways. I'm glad that my dad was a "stopper" because we learned a lot on those driving trips.

  3. Sounds like a relaxing getaway...we used to have to stop frequently when our children were younger...they needed a break to stretch their legs and I suppose a dog would too!
    Congrats to your dog...now there are two trophies for the shelf!

    1. It's exactly like having a young child! We enjoy stopping and playing a bit. We explore and move on. It's funny because this little dog has so much natural enthusiasm and energy. The neighbours "borrow" her for walks.

  4. When I was young we traveled occasionally with our dogs, which was interesting since one was a 170 pound St. Bernard. More recently our bird went cross country with us for several weeks to close out a family home. In both cases we enjoyed stopping a bit and seeing more than the interstate highways. On the flip side, our older son is terribly allergic to anything with fur, and despite trying every treatment available, his asthma flares if he flies or stays in a hotel with pets. This is increasingly hard to miss, which is really limiting his ability to travel. I wish I knew how to balance the darling dachshunds of the world with those with allergies that cannot be controlled. BTW, the St. Bernard had a partner who was a dachshund named Abigail.

  5. It seems to me that the pet suites which were attached to a larger lodge were the perfect solution for families with pets and for travellers with allergies.


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