Early Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas! It was Winter Concert Day!
It's Christmas morning! I've spent my usual night listening to snippets of podcasts. I fall asleep about 10 minutes into each one and awake about every two hours. Last night, I listened to BBC World Service's series "What Do Christians Believe?" Three theologians discussed the basic tenets of Christianity. At 5:00am, I gave up and began to read e-mail and social media. Monsieur will get up around 8:00 and Daughter is coming over at 8:30 so I have some time.

This has been a different year with my return to part-time work. I work 3 days a week in my old school and my official job description is .6 teacher-librarian.  However, in our province, British Columbia, there is a serious teacher shortage. Administrators (principals) are now providing preparation periods (100 minutes a week required by contract) and there are few substitute teachers.
My .6 teacher-librarian job could be .6 T-L and .4 TTOC (sub) if I wanted but I know that would result in a serious imbalance in my life.

European Christmas Market
This December, my daughter and I have enjoyed lots of festive activities together. Our days off coincide so we have been able to attend the Circle Craft Cooperative Sale and a European Christmas Market that have been held in Vancouver. My daughter celebrated her "surgiversary" (1 year after bariatric surgery). She has lost more than 100 pounds. I have attended musical concerts and recitals
with friends.

a misguided rhododendron

I am still gardening in my parking lot gardens as I wish to avoid a messy overgrown look in the spring. Winter is (usually) short here and our blooming season is long. My anemones have popped through the ground and a rhodo is threatening to bloom shortly.  Soon snowdrops will appear and perhaps I will plant some primroses to help out the winter pansies. 

a beautiful Vancouver day

It's 6:41 am now! I miss the eagerness of childhood times. My family used to get up very early. We are all larks not owls. We have no children in our household so we miss out on the excitement.

But, we did have some optimistic news on Saturday. My 7 year-old great-nephew has been seriously ill for over two months. The little guy has spent time at Children's Hospital and Ronald Macdonald House but treatment had not been successful. This week, it seems that medications are showing some positive results. We are keeping him in our thoughts and/or prayers. It would be wonderful if the new year brings him restored health and a return to his Grade 2 class. 

Christmas brings the New Year. I started  writing my blog after my dad died. He will have been gone 5 years in January. I look at the photos on my desktop and sometimes it seems a lifetime ago. So many places visited, people met and feelings experienced! So many changes! 

It's almost 7:00am now! Just another hour before Monsieur rises and I can fill the stockings. Daughter will be over so that the day can begin. Merry Christmas to all and wishes for a happy day!


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope your day was lovely. Congratulations to your daughter on her weight loss. She has a very pretty smile. We've visited the Christmas market in Vancouver a couple of times and found it to be a lot of fun. Have a very Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Lorrie. Have a Happy New Year! Enjoy your time off from school.

  2. How nice to see a photo of your daughter, looking so happy and healthy! So good that you've been able to enjoy so many activities together -- you must be looking forward to your travels together this coming year. Hope you had a pleasant Christmas Day and are enjoying your time off, savouring it with a renewed appreciation in light of your recent un-retirement.

    1. I am enjoying time as a more precious commodity right now. We're in Oregon and I hope to visit a book store today after walking on the beach and playing with the dog. You must be enjoying your Italian family time. It's an opportunity to spend Nana days in a different setting. Enjoy your visit!

  3. That's wonderful news about your little nephew! Continued recovery to him, and what an accomplishment for your daughter. A brave thing and now I'm sure the rewards are so good in her life.

    It was so nice of you to visit and tell me of your own little mini-dachshund. I'm truly a dachshund fan and we are counting down the days till our new ones join us. It is lovely to meet you and I see my sweet friend Lorrie is your friend too. I've often told her she lives in the most beautiful place in the world.

    A happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you,

    1. We heard that the little guy actually played outside with some other children on Christmas Day which is a small miracle. My daughter is a much happier and confident person since her weight loss. I am enjoying her company a lot.

      This is the first puppy that I've ever had. She has changed our lives in many ways. Right now my husband and I are on a road trip with her. We flew to Mexico last Christmas but a boarding kennel did not suit her so we have decided that when we travel together, she will go with us.

      Happy New Year!

  4. The news about your nephew is very encouraging...fingers crossed that his condition continues to improve.
    Your daughter is looking quite happy...I think I spy a twinkle in her eye...she has done so well and deserves to fell good about herself, and you must be so proud of her efforts.
    Hope that you are enjoying your time off and relaxing.
    Best wishes for 2018

    1. Yes, it is hopeful to receive some positive news after these few months. My daughter is j a lot happier now that she has lost weight. We're watching the waves rolling in on the Oregon Coast right now. Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog:) It sounds like your Boxing Day was lovely and quiet as it should be. How nice that you and your daughter could share in some Christmas festivities together! She is a pretty girl! And that is good news about your little nephew. Prayers that his health will continue to improve. Happy New Year to you!


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