Finding Time

Sometimes it seems difficult to establish priorities in daily living. After having been retired for six years and subsequently returning to employment as a part-time teacher-librarian, I'm having to make decisions about how and with whom I am going to spend my time.

One of my most important needs is the need for social contact. Many of my long-term friends began as colleagues.  As most of my friends are now retired, I have enjoyed walks, concerts and lengthy discussions on an ongoing basis. Monsieur and I have only a few interests in common.  Our friendships are pretty much independent. I would be foolish to neglect my friendships during this temporary period of employment.

I spend 4 or 5 hours with my mother on Sunday. We attend church together and usually have lunch at a local golf course. I enjoy a 2 hour early morning walk with my younger brother once a week when weather and time permit. We both have dogs so its healthy for Tilde and  for me. My daughter works shifts but I have a lunch and a browse in the local shops once a week. I don't want to give up any of my family time either.

early morning walk

I attend two  monthly book clubs. One is held at a church during the morning (on a day I don't work) and is more serious and the other is held in the evening and is more social. A network of literary ladies is hard to find so I won't be giving up mine any time soon. This weekend, I have two books to read as both of my meetings are on Monday.

Health appointments, dental appointments, hair appointments...Someone hit our car the other day now we have insurance and repairs to deal with. Banking, bills....Online is my favourite solution for financial management.

My husband does not grocery shop or cook. His meal preferences are different from mine. This week, I tried online shopping from our local Save-On Foods store. I started with cleaning products, ordered them, someone delivered them to the car and I received $10 off for trying the service. They will soon be offering home delivery.  I also signed up for Hello Fresh, a meal ingredient delivery service. They
will deliver the ingredients for 3 meals that I have selected. All ingredients and recipes are included.
I chose meals that Monsieur will probably eat and perhaps may prepare.

I still have not found a cleaner/housekeeper. I don't want an agency but an independent employee to whom I can assign specific tasks. Monsieur and I are quite neat and I try to do a few straightening and dusting activities each day.

Returning to the school library involves learning about new books, webpages, databases and resources to support a curriculum that has changed since I retired. I am building new relationships with staff and students as well. On a typical day, I see 150 students in the library which is a far cry from the 10 to 20 people that I might encounter as a retiree.

When I return home, I am really tired. I'm an early riser (habit that I'm trying to change) and by 4:00 in the afternoon, I'm failing. In retirement, I kicked the wine before dinner habit. I really don't want to fall back into that one...The days will get longer and (hopefully) brighter. I should try to go for a walk in the nearby park (perhaps with Tilde) after school.

Today is my 66th birthday. I am 61 years older than the Kindergarten children!


  1. Time management is always a challenge when one is working...there are so many things to do and as social creatures we prefer the book clubs,walks, spending time with friends and family over the chores associated with home keeping.
    Have you by any chance put up an ad at your church for a house cleaner?
    The teachers that I worked with over the years usually had domestic help come in ...perhaps ask your staff? I wish you luck as this would make a big difference if you could find someone even for a few hours each week.

    1. I have asked quite a few people regarding a housekeeper but I didn't think about church. I read an entire book for book club yesterday.. It was This Ends with Us by
      Colleen Hoover. It was very slow to get started and I would not recommend it but I did read Dreamers of the Day (finished Friday night) by Mary Doria Russell which I would recommend if you like historical fiction set in the Middle East at the time of T.E. Lawrence. Walking, reading, socializing with friends and is good!


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