In for the Long Haul

beginning of the growing season

My first week back at school! My interim contract started at the beginning of November and my first few weeks were a pleasant change from retirement. I enjoyed getting to know the students and staff and developing different routines. I bought a few new pieces of clothing and I enjoyed the extra pay cheque. But now, ten weeks of school lie ahead of me before spring break, I wonder how I will manage.

Most of my friends are retired so my return to work means that I have to schedule my time with them.
My daughter and I both had Wednesday off during November and December so we have been spending time (mostly shopping) together. I'm still able to attend 2 book clubs, church/lunch with Maman but I have not found a housekeeper. I really don't want to give up social time to cleaning.
My exercise routine needs adjustment as I am certainly noticing more "thickening" at the middle.

winter colour in York

So, it's a busy New Year! I need to establish my priorities. I'm committed to working until June.
It's a choice not a necessity but I want to save money for future travel. Health and weight control are important. My blood pressure has improved but I do not get enough exercise. I should try to walk home from school one day a week and to continue to walk with my brother. I drink too much wine in the sociable way that many women do. Wine makes a meal more enjoyable. I'm never going to drink diet soda or coffee with food. Pellegrino or Perrier perhaps!

I find this January to March stretch is often grey and wet. I'm going to Oaxaca in mid-March for two weeks so relief is in sight. My basic wardrobe is grey. During the fall, I've been wearing blue and rose as my accent colours. I might want to purchase one new bright piece to lift the dreariness. I bought a Ted Baker scarf when I was in New York in September. It is floral but I might find a sale sweater to brighten the months ahead.

early colour in Shetland

I'm happy with my hair right now. It's very wash/condition and go. A pink lipstick to go with Ted Baker scarf and possible new top might be uplifting. I find that if I feel good about my appearance, I feel more confident and competent.

Oh my goodness! I've been writing this post for days! Sometimes free time seems to disappear. That's life right now!  I haven't been out to take photos so I've been looking at early flower gardens from my travels. A bit of colour does make a difference!


  1. Sounds like you are embracing some new colours to compliment your basic grey lipstick would be an inexpensive and fun way to impart some more colour. I like a pop of colour to elevate these dreary grey days that hang around until Spring time.

    Walking is a simple gym fees or schedules, you can do it with a friend or as you say...on your own after school. Once you start you'll find it gets easier...

    Where are you planning to travel after June? France perhaps?
    It is great having a goal to help you stay motivated...Spring is not that far off and I know that I am looking forward to it!

    1. We are lucky to see signs of spring early. In these grey days, the pop of colour is needed. Do you remember many years ago when Eaton's used to have an "Uncrate the Sun" promotion in February? I was so impressed (early 80's or late 70's) that I had an "Uncrate the Sun" party.

      I hope to go to Paris in September and to travel to Vienna, Prague and Budapest with my daughter but we have to wait to hear about her vacation times.

      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I agree with the long stretch of school from January to March break. We're one week in and it's been very intense for me. I have a basic black/grey/navy/white wardrobe, but I like pops of colour, too. A red cashmere pullover and lots of colourful scarves are how I do it.

    Exercise is difficult after working all day. I come home exhausted and want nothing more than to sink onto the couch with a cup of tea before making dinner.
    Happy Weekend.

    1. I find that implementation of many different philosophies and curriculum is making School life more complex than it need be. We've got Loose Pieces and Maker and Innovation Grants all going at the same time when we're a little school of fewer than 400 children. I've bought a mauve/pink cashmere sweater to brighten up my grey/black/navy/khaki neutrals. It's easy to tie a scarf or to wear some bright jewelry.
      I'm really tired after school and I think that a lot of it has to do with adjustment to new ideas.
      Happy Weekend!


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