In the Pink!

The coast of British Columbia is grey and wet during the first months of the year. Our east-facing apartment seems dark for most of the day.  The primroses that I have purchased for my circulation desk at the library remind me that pink is a mood-elevating colour during these drab days.

I have been wearing my mostly grey wardrobe to school since I began my job in early November.
Sweaters, tunics, dresses and pants all work together with shoes, tights and accessories. My possible combinations are endless. But, February is the month to add a touch of pink.

Paris women have so many choices at Diwali.

How many pink accessories do I already own? I have my Frey Wille bracelet bracelet that I bought in Vienna. What a wonderful extravagance! Such lovely memories of my Danube cruise with my sister.
I have a black purse trimmed with pink that I bought in Paris more than 10 years ago. It was the first purse that I had ever bought that came in it's own bag! I have a pink/mauve pashmina bought at Diwali in Paris on another trip.

Pink and reminders of visits to other places in other times are great mood enhancers. I feel happy just writing about them!

Sheila at Ephemera featured a pair of Bebe pink pointy-toed shoes on her blog last week-end. They were on sale Fluevogs. I ordered them! The price was great and they will uplift any grey, black or navy outfit.
I love these shoes!

My pink cashmere v-neck with a pleated skirt,  over a rose and blue print dress, with my grey pants creates a new lighter look. A soft lipstick and pretty nails and my "springish" look is complete.

a bouquet of Butter polishes

Years ago, in the 1970's, when I was studying Education classes after completing my undergraduate work, I had a professor who suggested that the perfect attire for a teacher was something "pink" and "
"soft". I rolled my eyes(1970's) at such a sexist stereotype....Never! Not I!

Times change and experience has taught me a thing or two! I enjoy dressing for work in the library. Most of the children who visit regularly are in the primary classes and I believe that a light, cheerful spot in the school staffed by a friendly welcoming teacher-librarian helps to create a more positive attitude towards literacy.

This week we worked with "ish" to develop an accepting mindset with Grade 2/3 students


  1. Will you wear those shoes to school? What a way to show style to the students! Very pretty!

  2. I think there were good reasons to resist that stereotype back in the 70s, and to find your own way to dress for teaching . . . but there are equally good reasons now for embracing the warming power of pink. Brava to you for knowing that -- and those shoes are perfect!

  3. I think that after many years with young children, as a parent, as a family member and as a teacher, we learn how to create a comfortable environment where children can learn according to their abilities and inclinations. You would laugh...I have these little boys who always ask for Dogman or Loudboy graphic novels. I did not buy them years ago but they are so popular with reluctant readers that I ordered some. Things change and we can always change too.

  4. I love everything about this post! Your pink accessories are lovely...
    There is a definite positivity with these pops of colour...I think this shade when juxtaposed with your grey wardrobe is so energetic and the primulas that you have in the library. Hope you like the new shoes!

    1. I think that we need so much energy and brightness at this time of the year. A friend who was visiting family in East Sooke last week, said that the rain just drilled down. She couldn't do any outdoor activities with her grandchildren.
      Some people go south but for those of us who stay here, we need pink!

  5. Soft colour is a great addition to wardrobes just now. I love my mostly grey and black wardrobe, but am feeling the need for colour. I have a drawer full of scarves of all shades. Love that bracelet - it's beautiful and holds great memories.

    1. My scarf drawer is also filled with many colours and most of them will work with grey, black and navy. I think that now is the time to use them.


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