Loving and Letting Go

I used to love bright colours.

Today is my day off so I decided to tackle a job that I have been avoiding....curating my wardrobe.
In 2 weeks, I'm off to Mexico so I asked Monsieur to bring my suitcase from storage. Well!!! Monsieur loaded four suitcases on his dolly and brought them into the apartment. Too much! Demasiado! Trop! I wanted to work for 1-2 hours and to avoid pressure on my home day.
I used to wear a lot of brown
I have had grey hair now for almost 4 years. I read The Vivienne Files devotedly and I have chosen a
grey/navy plus accents (mostly soft colours) wardrobe but I have not let go of many of my old clothes. I had adventures in those clothes. I was younger. Some were bought in Paris. I had a waist (sort of). It's really hard to let them go. I am a clothes horse (not my words but those of my lawyer at the time of my divorce). Clothes are a means of self-expression to me. I love to create a different look each day.
As I went grey, my colours softened.

Over the last 4 years, I have moved away from print and have adopted a simple wardrobe. I have not been on a cruise for 3 years and Monsieur seldom "dresses up" so those clothes have stayed in storage. Oaxaca is Mexico's second poorest state, so I dress plainly when I visit. This year, as I'm working, I've been a little more whimsical because the younger students like "soft" or "shiny" and it's a bit of a Ms. Frizzle thing.
I wear a lot of grey now.
So what to do about my four suitcases? Or "what a to-do" about my four suitcases. Well, I decided to deal with one jumbo case. I have never seen so much orange and brown. In 2010, I worked with a fashion stylist and I became "an autumn".  In 1982, I had been "a winter".  One by one, I dealt with each item...I seldom hike so I don't need 4 pair of Columbia hiking pants. I'm never zipping any pants to make shorts...I bought my navy Gilmour lace dress so I don't need a "hot mama red" dress. I don't have much of a waist left and I expect that even weight loss would not remedy that.

Well, I tried on and on and on. I'm left with clothing to come with me to Oaxaca, 3 bags of thrift store donations and a landing pad suitcase of "wait and see". 

I don't usually write about fashion because there are many other bloggers who do provide solid fashion advice and keep us "60+" women current on trends and available products. But today, as I was weeding, I felt extremely emotional about the process. As we grow older, perhaps there won't be as many adventures or opportunities for new clothes. Or maybe as I grow older, clothing will matter less. I don't know.


  1. very thoughtful and honest. you look very elegant, with your grey hair.

  2. I remember your post about the hairdressing visit in Paris and thought how chic of you to have your hair styled in the city of light...Like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Love your grey hair...and the curls are soft and frame your face so nicely...it makes me rethink my short pixie cut...maybe its time for a change.
    Change can be a challenge but we learn more about ourselves when we are open to it.
    Enjoy your week!

    1. I think that the ability to change is important in our older years. Perhaps hair and wardrobe changes are good practise for other more significant changes. I like your
      pixie cut. Enjoy your getaway!

  3. I love that Thoreau quotation, and I must say -- although I can easily relate to the emotional weight of letting go of all those old garments -- that your new colours, your beautiful grey curls, suit you so very well. Somehow that framing -- by hair, by the colours -- brings the viewer's eyes right to your face, your eyes, rather than demanding attention to the outfit or the hairdo (oh my, that's an old-fashioned word, isn't it?!)

    1. The recycling of old garments, like the shedding of old skin, is necessary for growth.
      I do feel that a more neutral backdrop is probably more flattering for me. Sometimes, the outfit can seem to "wear" the person.

  4. Clothes carry memories - of youth, of events, of people - and it can be hard to separate the memory from the clothing. My mother is in her 80s and still interested in looking her best, and staying au courant, so I don't think that bent has an expiration date. You look so pretty in your current colours with your soft grey hair and blue eyes.

    1. It seems that each object of clothing can carry associations with hopes and memories.
      My mother, who is also in her eighties, has held on to clothing from when my dad was alive even though she has lost 30 or 40 pounds. The clothing is a link to the past.


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