Travel in Mind

I ordered packing cubes.

I love to travel. One of the constraints that I have experienced since returning to work is the inability to travel for long periods of time. I did not have any specific plans for this year but I am finding the greyness of the Pacific Northwest tedious.

January in the Jardins de Luxembourg
I don't need warm weather but I do prefer blue sky to grey. Our apartment has an eastern exposure and our lamps are on all day. Right now, I am trying to wear more bright accessories as I find the climate really depressing.

I miss the colours of Mexico.

Several of my friends are visiting Mexico right now. One in a little town outside of Puerto Vallarta and the other in Ajiijic. They are solo women travellers of a certain age who are enjoying the rich culture and vivid lifestyle of Mexico. There's always a parade, fireworks, flowers, food...and it is always colourful. The outside of my "rustic studio" was colourful. A Spanish lesson on my patio was
always interesting.
traces of spring colour
Yesterday was a beautiful day. My friend and I walked to Steveston and Monsieur and I watched the sunset over the fishboats. Days are longer and there have been a few sunny days this week. Today, I'm back to work; starting the day with a class of inquisitive kindergarten children. They are bright in a different full of curiosity. 

February is such a short month and a month of many changes!

February colour


  1. I find February the most difficult month; I want to fly somewhere to the sun and soak in the warmth. The days are brighter than they were, and longer, too, so I think I'll make it through this month.
    Do you have travel plans for the summer?

    1. I am going to Oaxaca for Spring Break. Monsieur and I will probably go to the mountains in the summer. Where are you going in Mexico with the students?


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