Busman's Holiday (Library Visits)

library visit

One of the highlights of my two week visit to Oaxaca has been the Libros para Pueblos tour to Benito Juarez Primary School in Guadalupe Etla.  I have been on a tour before but this was the first time for my friend, Janet, who is a retired pre-school teacher.

The children read in pairs.

We participated in a literacy lesson with the children. The children were given a photocopy of a book cover. In groups of 2, they coloured the cover and wrote a prediction about the story. Then they read the story together. As a final activity, they shared their predictions with the class and read a few pages of the story. I was amazed how these children stayed on task with boy-girl pairs. There was no eye-rolling or groaning at the pairings!
Library rules: no running, no yelling, do not enter with food, take care of the books....
This is an odd experience for me because I am returning to work next Tuesday! I am missing retirement with my two month stays in Oaxaca.

I organized the picture books at Oaxaca Lending Library last year.

I worked three days at Oaxaca Lending Library this year. I love being part of the book room team.
Their dedication to books is great! At home, the library is becoming less of a "book place" and more of a "learning commons." 

At home, I could not work in a public library for free but I have helped to straighten the shelves of our "give and take" library at Apple Greene where I live. 

On leaving Oaxaca Lending Library, I was able to purchase  the next book for my book club.

I'll be reading the book on my way home to Vancouver on Monday. 


  1. I love to be surrounded by books and eager minds...those Oxaca children are so fortunate to have a caring team of professionals to encourage them to read and learn. It must be so rewarding for you Madame.
    I have just returned from the bookstore on Pender Island (where we have our quarter share cottage) and have purchased a bag of books for the grandchildren for Easter...I also popped in some chocolates and sidewalk chalk but always want to foster the love of reading.
    What book are you reading for your book club?

  2. Oaxaca is an excellent place to enjoy books. The Lending Library is a social centre for ex-pats and there are always the children. We are going to read The Underground Railroad by Colin Whitbread. I bought a copy for less than $1.50 CDN from the book sale table. Is the Pender Island bookstore new and used? I'm buying more used books for my own pleasure reading now. Or I use the library. I hope that the weather improves at home for Easter week-end.


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