Paris Pieds à Terre

Paris apartment for September visit

In September, I am visiting Paris with my daughter. I have been researching apartments through Airbnb and VRBO and I finally made my decisions. From 2012 to 2014, I spent 3-6 months in Paris each year. I chose apartments that were comfortable for longer stays, would accommodate visiting friends and were located in central areas. These apartments cost a lot of money but it has always been my dream to live in Paris.

After spending 4 years living in much smaller and often less comfortable apartments in Mexico, I can appreciate that our housing is palatial in comparison. This year, Daughter and I will be sharing an apartment in the 14th!!! arrondissement with an older French couple, Yvon and Laurent. We will share the kitchen but have our own salon, bedroom and bathroom.

Paris has created some regulations for Airbnb operators. Accommodation must be registered with the city administration and can be rented for no more than 120 days of the year. There are hefty fines for offenders. In Vancouver, we are experiencing a housing shortage where little affordable housing is being offered in the private sector. As holiday rentals provide a much higher rate of return than long-term rentals, there are almost no affordable apartments in the city.

I'm looking forward to this Paris experience. I've already researched our street Rue du Moulin Vert.
It is a pedestrian street with shops and restaurants more suited to residents than to tourists. There are parks and green spaces nearby. I found so much information at this new travel blog that I discovered.
el estudio (Paris version)
My daughter will return home after 10 days as she is only a few months into a new career. I will move to smaller private accommodation on the Rue Daguerre. I've visited Rue Daguerre before.
It's a nontouristique version of rue Cler in the seventh. I learned a lot from part-time Parisian and I will enjoy my alone time to explore the neighbourhood.
bed open
I am looking forward to spending  time in Paris and  exploring some other neighbourhoods. The 14th is easily accessible by foot (energetic), by bus (you see more) and by Metro (daughter's favourite) to the central areas in Paris.

If you enjoy Cara Black's Paris mysteries, she has just released a new one, set in the 13th, Murder on the Left Bank. I haven't read it yet but I'll be putting a hold on it.


  1. That's a very pretty room. I wish you and your daughter the best of stays in the city you love so much. Never having been myself, I hope you will take us there through your posts about it. I love it that I can now visit France through bloggers and it sounds as if you are the best of planners and your readers will see things through your very discriminating eye!

    1. I thought that this apartment looked homey. The couple have lived there for a few years and only rent occasionally. I think that it will be like visiting French friends.
      I do enjoy reading blogs because I can be transported anywhere in the world.

  2. You are taking my dream vacation! Look forward to hearing how it goes.

    1. I think that it will be fun to explore a different Paris lifestyle.


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