Seeing Clearly and Looking Back

I watched the final game in a bistro in Nice.

My cataract surgery has greatly improved my distance vision. The colours are dazzling and for the first time since I was 9 years old, I don't need glasses... only stylish nonprescription sunglasses. I'm still using drops, shunning eye makeup and patching at night but I am delighted.

I've been cleaning my hall closet where I store my photo albums. Do you remember when we used to
put photos in albums, or in boxes or drawers? Twenty years ago, a friend and I rented a Renault Twingo and a house in Provence to explore southern France. On the night of our arrival in Nice, the
car rental attendant spent very little time with us as the final game of the World Cup was starting.
Translation of a car manual and some pointers from a by-passer  got us on our way. Although we were tired from travel, we watched the game and the celebrants for most of the night.

We loved San Raphael beaches.
I have all these photos! Now Facebook tells us (Memories) what we were doing on this date in the past. As I look at those photos, I remember a fabulous trip. Our route sometimes passed the Tour de France and we waited at the finish line in Paris. Our house was beautiful. I was just a few years older than my daughter is now and we hiked the hillsides of Provence.

I love lavender.
The beauty of Provence has influenced me ever since that trip 20 years ago. My oil cloth on the dining room table, the painting on the wall from a Provençal photo, the lavender...I carried sunflowers at my wedding and we filled sachets of lavender for the  guest tables. Provence will always be a part of my life.

I'm not getting very far in my attempts at purging the hall closet. It houses albums, books, linens,
door wreaths and two ancient Brownie uniforms. My mother made albums which include my report cards and the shower cards from when I was born. I go through the contents of the closet every few months and each time, I'm able to "get rid of" a few items. Don't you like the French verb "se débarrasser" better.

There's a down side to cataract surgery. Now I have to deal with some cobwebs. Or turn a blind eye...


  1. So pleased to hear that the surgery went well -- I'm not sure I can say that I'd ever look forward to any surgery, but I do like the idea of finally being free of corrective lenses. . . it would also be good to be free of all those closet-fillers, but that is a very slow process. Je me débarasse des choses mais doucement, lentement. . . .

    1. I was amazed how simple and painless the procedure was. The next day when I took off the eye guard, I could see.

  2. I imagine it is a true delight to have your vision so much more clear! I adore your memories of France. Stay cool in these hot summer days!

  3. It is amazing! I love France and I am thankful to have been able to visit so many regions.

  4. I remember that amazement of seeing bright colors after cataract surgery. For me it was also the crisp edges of leaves that I couldn't get over. I also think that the on this day memories are the best thing about Facebook. But for FB to be bringing to you those memories of Provence must be a wondrous thing. As someone who has never been, I can't get enough of photos and books and movies of that beautiful place.

    We watched the game Sunday and I thought about you when France won!

    1. The colours and the crispness of the flowers and leaves are amazing. The FB memories are great. We got a reminder on July 16, three years ago, we brought Tilde home. My very first puppy.


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