Autumn Travel


Since I officially retired in 2012, I have travelled every autumn. September seems to be a time for new adventures and new opportunities.
The Panama Canal

In 2012, Monsieur and I sailed from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal on a repositioning cruise. If you live in a coastal city. these cruises are great value because they only involve oneway airfare. When the Alaska cruise season ends in the Pacific Northwest, the ships sail to the Caribbean and we sailed too. We visited San Diego and so many beautiful tropical ports. For some people, 21 days on a ship is too long but I joined the book club and enjoyed the combination of relaxation and travel. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that, in 2013, I took the repositioning cruise from Quebec City to San Diego and explored the east coast of North America.

New York City in 2015
My daughter and I (usually) enjoy travelling together. September is her birthday month so often the hotel costs or some restaurant meals or a theatre ticket become her birthday gift. I enjoy this time together and am aware that we are fortunate to be able to afford these trips.

Ireland in 2016
In 2016, two friends and I travelled to Ireland, Shetland and London where my daughter met us for a week. I had never visited Ireland before although I have family connections on both sides. Ireland is one of my "must return to" countries and I follow the activities of the Shetland relatives on Facebook.
I wonder what life would have been like if my grandfather had not emigrated.
New York again
Last year, I spent time in New York with my daughter and my friend. We had so much fun travelling by subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Brooklyn, with its cultural diversity, is my favourite borough of New York City. 

Next week, I will travel with my daughter to Paris. As I reconstructed my past few Septembers, I realize how many places that I have visited and how lucky I have been to have health, financial resources and enjoyable travelling partners.

If you are retired, do you enjoy travel or do you prefer to enjoy your home? Are you a cruiser or an independent traveller? If you are still employed, where would you like to visit in the autumn?


  1. I think you win the prize for best Septembers ever! And it is nice to know that someone who appreciates this travel so much got to do it, and sometimes in the company of your daughter. Heavenly! Now I'm going to ask: what is a repositioning cruise?

    I know you must be getting prepared for this next trip and getting very excited about it. I'll look forward to hearing about your days there. And do you really have family on Shetland? I loved the Shetland series on Netflix, could not get over the beauty of the land. And after watching a few episodes I finally was able to understand most of what they were saying. I went around the house trying to talk like they do.

    1. The repositioning cruise occurs when a ship finishes the season (spring or fall) in an area and is being sailed to another Alaska cruises finish in September and the Caribbean season begins in November. Passengers get cheaper rates for longer cruises.

      My grandfather was from a large Shetland family (island called Whalsay). He joined the Merchant Navy in 1917 and sailed the world until he met my grandmother in Vancouver. He stayed here but the rest of his brothers and sisters stayed in Shetland.
      It is a really beautiful area and I can understand much of what people say.


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