Learning about Photos and a New Colour

I'm learning to take a selfie.

One of my least favourite activities is being photographed. I really feel uncomfortable. It may be of a genetic origin because my dad frequently looked uncomfortable in photos. But I have a Growth Mindset so I will persevere. It's difficult to write a blog without occasional photos of one's self.
This is one of my new favourite colours: a soft green.
I wanted to show my new green linen top that I found at the consignment store. The bedroom mirror seemed to be the way to photograph it. This is my colour of choice for my Paris trip in September. I'll mix it with rose, rust, and beige.

My friend took this photo at Lighthouse Park on Tuesday..
I'm not sure what the weather will be like in Europe in early September but I have a hunch that it might still be quite warm. I've got some soft rose and rust sweaters that could easily work with my green.

shopping my drawers for accessories

I was looking through my accessory drawers. I found an Echo silk scarf that I bought in Paris 6 years ago. It is green and rust with a travel theme. How appropriate! I had forgotten a collar that I bought in a Turkish carpet store years ago. Rust, green and gold...

Once upon a time...a long time ago, I worked as a file clerk for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I used to file fingerprints and booking photos.  It might be my neutral wall colour but my photo looks a bit institutional to me! Oh well! I am practising and I will improve.


  1. Love that soft green top for you and planning a wardrobe for a September in Paris sounds marvelous.

  2. My favorite color...green! And you wear it so well. Have you gotten a recent hair cut? Such a fun length. I really prefer my hair shorter but my "peeps" like it better long.

    1. I really like a soft green as a neutral. Yes, I got my hair cut Wednesday and it's really curly right now.

  3. I love your photo, you look so chic! That shade of green is good on you.

    My selfies scare me so I don't have the nerve to post them!

    1. Thank you. I had to delete so many selfies where I looked like Cruella de Ville so I know exactly what you mean. I think that soft green can be worn in summer or early fall.


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