Shopping Saturday

shopping Saturday

I often hear people say "I don't like to go shopping." Personally, I don't often go shopping. I have lived in the same community for most of my life. I know many of the merchants on a first-name basis in Steveston, our small fishing village community. I walk, lunch with friends, exchange my books and see the doctor in that neighbourhood. Consequently, I'm able to window shop and browse on a weekly basis.

Today, however daughter and I decided to travel on the Canada Line train to South Granville, one of my favourite shopping areas in Vancouver. I'm planning a transitional/travel wardrobe so today is
a shopping expedition. I am 66 years old, 5'4" and wear a size 14. Those are facts that must be taken into consideration on a buying trip. I receive frequent e-mails from Eileen Fisher so today I visited the Vancouver store. I knew that my new colour (soft green, seafoam) was featured in the new collection.

I have not bought any Eileen Fisher for a year. It is pricey but versatile and long-lasting. I tried a cotton skirt,  a jumpsuit, a crepe shell and a lovely soft moss cashmere cardigan. I purchased an almost sweatshirt and pants.

pour la flâneuse
I can imagine wearing this outfit for travel or for wandering the streets of my new Paris neighbourhood. I'm planning to do a bit of substitute teaching this year so this outfit will be
practical for work.

Daughter  usually makes more purchases than I do. She's young and trim so there's lots to choose from. She was showing financial restraint but we found a Le Pliage bag on 50% discount.

daughter's first Le Pliage

 Walking is a very important part of a shopping expedition. We accumulated more than 7 kilometres on the step counter. With all our exercise, we needed to stop for lunch at a local bistro. A bleu et vert salad and a glass of tempranillo topped off my day.


  1. And here I thought Eileen Fisher only made nightgowns, my very favorite ones! You look beautiful shopping and I do love your "almost sweatshirt." But your mother/daughter shopping trip is the special thought of the day for me. With 3 sons and only 1 daughter, and her a long distance away, I thought back to her teenage years and young married ones when a day shopping together was so much fun, always including lunch together. You are blessed!

  2. Shopping together is new for my daughter and me but it is really fun. Especially on a day when Mum makes the purchases. You must miss your daughter.

  3. Your shopping expedition sounds like a success all around! A good time with your daughter, some useful and pretty purchases, and a great lunch. When you say your "new" Paris neighbourhood, does that mean you are venturing away from your usual haunts?

    1. I'm moving out a bit to the 13th arrondissement. We'll be a bit further away from the river but it's a good walk or we can take the metro if we're tired. It's a residential/commercial area so prices will be lower. I stayed in the area 20 years ago and found it to be quite pleasant.

  4. I love that EF shop too and they carry petites which is so handy...I am 5'1 so I like not having to have garments altered added expense.
    Your "almost sweatshirt" is in such a pretty shade...are the EF pants rayon by any chance?
    I recently purchased a lovely pair of shorter pants at Mark's Work Wearhouse...they are rayon and spandex and feel like EF pants for a fraction of the cost...made by Denver Hayes. You might check them out as they would be light and packable.

    1. Mark's has some amazing bargains and EF is expensive. I find that pants get "kneed"
      and stretched out of shape so it's good to find an affordable source.


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