Another Garden Excursion

a Wallace fountain
If you have walked in Paris, you have probably passed one of these fountains.

Solitary walks are ideal for those who enjoy learning as they walk. I'm not an exercise addict by any means but I enjoy taking time to read historical markers. I have passed many of these fountains in Paris and I have never known their origin.

Sir Richard Wallace, an English philanthropist, noted that after the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, the Paris aqueducts were destroyed. It was almost impossible for the poor people of Paris to obtain fresh water. Alcohol was more readily available. Sir Richard funded almost 100 of these fountains that are still operational today.
Jardin Anne Frank in the 3rd

I passed this fountain on my way to visit another little known Paris park. It is easy to miss Jardin
Anne Frank on on Impasse Berthaud near the Beaubourg. The park is a "parc partagé" on the grounds of a historic site from the Middle Ages. The entry to the park is dedicated to Anne Frank and the victims of the Holocaust. The chestnut tree is a graft from the tree mentioned in Anne's diary.
le marronnier
The second part of the park has a historical significance. This is the grounds of the Hôtel Saint-Aignan which was built in the 16th century. The building now houses le Musée d'Histoire et d'Art
de Judaïsme. But the trellis and the gardens were my destination.

another reading spot

I sat and read my book for about an hour. Mothers and grandmothers passed by with young children on their way to the third section of the park. A group of older students came out of a building and kicked a soccer ball around.

Even in the Marais there are playgrounds everywhere.
I found a brasserie for lunch and then I walked down through Village St-Paul, over the bridges to the
Rive Gauche and caught Metro 4 home.  I've only one day left! I wonder where I can wander tomorrow.


  1. We visited the Anne Frank park on our last trip to Paris. We discovered it quite by chance as we wandered around. Then we enjoyed falafel at a Jewish restaurant nearby and thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoy your last day in Paris!

    1. It is a beautiful space hidden away in the neighbourhood. I ate falafel and tabouleh quite often in Paris.


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