Healthy Paris

Scottish salmon with vegetables
Today was Daughter's and my first day in Paris. I did not fall asleep until 3:30 am last night
so we were not in a hurry this morning. After eating our breakfast, we started down the stairs to explore our quartier. We are staying in an apartment in the 14th arrondissement which is a mixed residential and commercial neighbourhood.

We have many traiteurs (takeaways), green grocers, butchers, bakers and wine stores for those who choose to eat at home. We also have 2 Monoprix within 500 meters. We bought a few essentials which for me included a Monoprix house brand moisturizer. I love trying new products and Monoprix has so many inexpensive options.

Today's excursion was to Le Marais. After exploring the few blocks around our apartment, we took the 58 bus to Rue Rivoli. The last time my daughter visited, I was busy with my French studies so we did not spend a lot of time together. In the last 18 months, my daughter's employment has changed from food production to managing an office as Secretary-Treasurer of the union. Since she has lost a significant amount of weight, it is always wardrobe planning time.

We visit many inexpensive shops on Rue Rivoli avoiding those that are available in Canada. It's always fun to notice new colour, accessories or presentations of wardrobe. Sometimes a subtle (or not so subtle) change can revive a tired look. We can not resist BHV but visit only the women's clothing floor.

We weave our way up to the Rue des Rosiers, past the falafel stands to Rue des Francs Bourgeois with its parfumeries and boutiques. Our shops become trendier and plus cher. Many of the styles are
too boxy for Daughter who is only 5'1".  I enjoy looking at the stylish men's wear but Monsieur is a "comfort " wardrobe man. It's odd how West Coast Canadian people in suburbs (generalization) choose to wear clothing better suited to the gym, playing field or forest. In Paris, people look comfortable yet stylish and individual.

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It's time for lunch! We choose Les Philosophes, a very busy restaurant with a diverse menu. I chose
the Scottish salmon with fresh vegetables. Délicieux! Lunch is not hurried. We like to savour our meal and we enjoy watching the people. Our waiter is very busy!

the blue door

In 2014, I rented an apartment on Rue du Pas de la Mule, on a corner of La Place des Vosges. On our way to the apartment door, we visited the house of Victor Hugo. My daughter is a fan of Les Misérables so we paid a visit. Ville de Paris museums are free with a 5 euro charge for the audio-guide. I did some narration so we saved a bit of change.

More walking, more window shopping....We look for the 58 bus to return home but we have a couple of errands. Monoprix for a browse and a light dinner. I'm not hungry but I bought a small container of Lebanese tabouleh and a bottle of water.

We climb our stairs and I check our walking distance. We've covered almost 10 kilometres and my calorie allowance has not been filled. I hope that I sleep better than I did last night.


  1. So you're there! Your salmon dinner looks perfect and you look beautiful by that blue door. I'm looking forward to each day's adventures in Paris, with you as my tour guide. Have a marvelous time!

    1. The weather is perfect for walking. Oddly, we see people in down vests and people in sundresses. My feet get tired by mid-afternoon but there's so much to see and my daughter is enthusiastic.

  2. The adventure has begun! How special to be with your daughter in such a beautiful city. Can't wait to walk alongside, virtually (easier on my feet this way!)

    1. Oh, I'm breaking in some new walking shoes. They will work out but the first few days
      are tiring. I think that maybe the days of walking from Montmartre to Mouffetard are over. Stina is very keen and has boundless energy!


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