Leaving Paris

It seems longer than a week since my daughter left and I moved to the tiny apartment. I've developed a pattern for my solo days. I choose a neighbourhood to visit each day and set out on foot or by transit. The distances within the city are not great (probably no more than 8 kilometres).
Central Paris is much smaller than London. (City Metrics)

Meals have been a bit problematic for me this week. I'm following a program called Lose It where
I record my daily calories. Since I am in an unaccustomed tiny space, I have difficulty trying to cook in the cupboard. I did use the microwave once. Typical Paris breakfasts on Rue Daguerre do not include protein. I did buy some yogurt to have in the apartment but it is full fat. I go out each morning for coffee and a croissant, something that I seldom ate when I had a full-sized apartment.

I walk and read until lunchtime when I stop for a big salad. Most of the time, smoked salmon or shrimp are the protein source but occasionally I have ended up with ham or sausage, two foods that I don't eat at home. I forgo the bread and don't  add dressing but I always have a glass of Chablis.

I walk more and explore until mid-afternoon. Afternoons have been very warm in Paris so I've been happy to return home for some quiet time. I go out for an evening stroll but I am too early for dinner.
Usually, a dish of popcorn with a glass of wine is what is offered on my street until about eight in the evening. I don't sleep well if I eat or drink in the evening so popcorn is it!

I'm facing 16 hours in transit today. I'll be getting my shuttle at 10:30 this morning and arrive home at 10:10 this evening. There's 9 hours difference so it will be a exhausting day. I'm horrible with transitions. I'm trying to get my head in the British Columbia space before I leave Paris. I will go to church tomorrow morning and pick up the book for October book club. I'm registered in Paris Historique at the university next Saturday. I am eligible to enter a draw for tickets to Kate Atkinson next weekend.

Waiting and uncertainty are not my friends.


  1. Travel can be hard on our nerves....waiting can be difficult...your book can help ease that stress.
    I stayed up 24 hours straight on the day that I flew home from Paris...surisingly I was not that tired! Hopefully you can ease into the week and get over any jet lag.

    With all the walking in Paris you may be surprised to find that you will not have gained any weight.
    What book is your book club reading?

    1. This book club is going to read The Homegoing, a novel about slavery. It is written by Yaa Gyasi, who has won several awards. My other book club is reading The Women in Gold, a non-fiction work about the subject of Klimt's painting.

      I got home and I have slept about 5 hours so I'll probably get into a September home routine.

  2. Your routines while in Paris on your own sound lovely. All that walking must make you sleep very well. I hope your flight home has gone well - it's a very long ways.

    1. Thanks, Lorrie. A bit of solo travel is always interesting to me. I did sleep well in my little nest.


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