Sunday on Ile-St-Louis

How many times have I taken a photo from this bridge?

Sunday in Paris in late summer...Ooh! la! la! We started out a little later and took our #58 bus to
Les Grands Augustins stop. I recognized an older couple from the neighbourhood at the bus stop.
Monsieur (80+) was wearing a chambray shirt with a knotted scarf that matched his eyes.

 Daughter browsed the bouquinistes stalls looking at vintage rock posters as I looked discreetly at the transitional clothing of the Paris folk. We crossed the bridge to Ile de la Cité to visit the plant and bird market. September is the month of chrysantemums and foliage plants but we did not linger long as daughter is really not botanically inclined. 
Birds are popular pets for Paris apartment dwellers.

Then we moved on to Ile-St-Louis where we wandered among the boutiques and restaurants. Sunday on the island is crowded with tourists. I love the little shops and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

une crêpe parisienne

There is a camaraderie among travellers that I don't often experience at home. We were wedged in a tiny table in a crêperie beside an English-speaking couple from Seattle (almost neighbours) who were going to Bayeux and the D-day landing beaches. Since I had visited this area on an earlier trip, I was able to share information

The greens and blues in this scarf are spectacular!

The shops on the island are mostly pricier items for Paris visitors. On Ile de la Cité, one finds tea towels, fridge magnets and coasters. On Ile-St-Louis, I found Bamyan, an Afghan ethnic treasure chest. I have never seen such beautiful clothing! Reality check...I live in a suburb where earrings and a scarf equal "dress up". What would I do with any of these clothes? Then, I met the "scarf of my life"... silk with shades of  blue, green and aquamarine. Have you ever draped yourself in a colour and felt transformed? Your hair is shinier, your eyes are brighter and your smile more radiant. It's almost like being in love. I'm travelling with a very small suitcase. I may have to "rent" space from my daughter. It's a scarf.

We walk back along the river to the Metro 4 at Saint Michel. What a beautiful Sunday!


  1. That scarf! It's gorgeous! Well worth renting space from your daughter. I enjoyed your description of Paris just now - such a beautiful city that I would visit every year, if I could. Enjoy all the days of the week!

    1. Paris is a beautiful city at any time of the year. This fall, the weather is exceptionally warm. I love just walking in the streets,

  2. That scarf is magnificent -- and if it's so transformative, you'd be foolish to leave it behind, wouldn't you? (although perhaps the transformation might have already taken place, just in the trying on. . . ;-)

    1. The silk just shimmers. That store had some really stunning pieces.


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