Busy October

I'm so glad to live in a world where there's October. (L.M. Montgomery) I took this photo a few years ago in Prince Edward Island.

This week, Autumn is showing its true colours. The temperature has dropped by 10 degrees celsius, showery days have begun and school is in full swing.

I loved the benches in Paris.  Why don't I take a book outside to read on a sunny day?

I started my week on Saturday by attending a University in a Day session on Paris Historique.
The instructor, a retired high school teacher who had earned a PHD after retirement, was inspiring.
I have studied French culture and civilization throughout my life and I learned a lot from this 5 hour session. Our Extended Learning Department at UBC certainly offers some great courses that are aimed at older adults. Monsieur and I are going to take another session in Classical Studies in November.

I read this book in one day. If you enjoy a Paris résistance story, this is a light read.

Monday, I hosted my book club meeting. My butternut squash and goat cheese bruschetta was successful. I like to try new recipes when I have guests because Monsieur is not fond of unfamiliar foods.

This year, there is still a teacher shortage in our school district. Since there are not enough substitute teachers, I decided that I would join the "limited list" of retirees who are only called out in exceptional cases. I have not substituted in a classroom since 1988. I had forgotten about the last minute phone calls. At 7:55 am Tuesday, I got a call to be at a school at 8:45 am.  Fortunately, it was at a nearby school where I had taught 25 plus years ago. I worked in a Kindergarten class for a half day.  On Thursday, I was called for a Grade 4/5 French Immersion class. It seems that flu and cold season has started early

The river was so calm.

Wednesday, I was able to walk along the river with a friend. The colours were beautiful and the river so calm. I'll be walking again with my brother and the dogs this afternoon.

a toadstool village

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend! I will enjoy the church service. We're not doing much because Monsieur has had a bad cold for about 3 weeks. He has not played music or sang since I've been home from Paris.

It looks as if I'm going to be working more than I planned so I will have to make time for friends, fitness, reading, writing and courses. Retirement sometimes can get very busy!


  1. Hope Monsieur is on the mend. My Prince Charming is flat on his back on the couch as I type this message. Not sure what's ailing him.

    Would you do me a huge favor? Would you consider linking up your grand post about the apprehension of entertaining to my Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone series link-up? It is a perfect example for others of how we can overcome our anxiety about doing something and do it successfully. We need an update about how the evening with your book club members went. We will share another Comfort Zone post the last day of October. Would love to have you join me! http://onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com/stepping-outside-my-comfort-zone-09-2018/

  2. The weather has certainly been changeable - rain over the weekend and now a week ahead of sunny and quite warm weather. Glad your book club enjoyed the bruschetta; it did sound delicious.


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