How Many Items in the Closet?

I wish I had bought a pleated skirt in Paris.

I have been thinking about wardrobe management for most of my life. When I was younger, I did not have a lot of disposable income. As a tween and a teen, I picked berries and babysat to make money for fashionable clothing. It was the late 1960's and teen-age fashion was just beginning. Do you remember poor boy sweaters and hipster skirts?

After my first year of university, I had no idea of the future. My family did not believe in married women working outside the home unless it was necessary to help support the family. So I quit  university and got a job. I wanted an apartment, clothes and a life! Think Mary Tyler Moore or more likely Rhoda!

Mary didn't live at home and share a room with her sister.

I worked as a file clerk, shared an apartment, lived in a basement suite and bought clothes! Clothes in the early 1970's were relatively inexpensive. I did not really know any name brands. I think that Canada was a bit behind the United States in adopting "names" and logos.

After young married years, return to school years and mother years, in middle age I was single, living
in affordable housing and able to indulge my two passions:travel and clothing. I bought a lot of clothes. My weight used to fluctuate a lot so I would often own 3 sizes of clothing. When I was in my fifties, a friend introduced me to a wardrobe consultant. I was enthralled with a more scientific approach to wardrobe planning. But I still had too many clothes.

How many items do I need in my closet? Saturday, I took out all items that are suited to warmer, sunnier weather, washed them and put them in either storage or in my recycling pile. There is much more room in my closet. I could see my wardrobe deficiencies much more clearly. I have too many tops and I am lacking bottoms that are suited to my everyday life. I like to wear dresses and skirts with tights for church or work.

my "workhorse" navy dress

In the next two weeks, it is likely that I will work in a school one or two days, volunteer to greet authors at the Vancouver Writers' Festival, attend church and go out for lunch or dinner a couple of times. My go to outfit for greeting, church and dinner in a restaurant is my navy dress. I have many scarves to enhance my simple dress and I have a choice of navy Mary Janes or navy booties. If the sun shines, I can wear my sweater coat or my 8 year old trench coat.

my latest book club selection

I went to see The Wife yesterday. Glenn Close was terrific playing the understated wife of a Nobel Prize winner. She might get an Academy Award nomination for her role of the supportive/angry/frustrated wife of an adulterous, narcissistic husband.

It's another sunny day so I'm off to pick up a library book, meet a friend, walk and window shop.


  1. Have not heard of The Wife but will look into it. I like Glenn Close very much. Was the movie based on a book?

    Will you begin subbing now that you are home? I have had several calls to sub in libraries lately but because I have started this part-time job, I have had to turn them down. The subbing would pay more but would be all day for a length of time, possibly a month or more. And I like my part-time schedule. Would hate to lose this job, too. So I am content.

    We are heading out of town for a week - no where as exciting as Paris - but somewhere warmer! Phoenix. Then going to spend some time in my closet. Thanks for the encouragement to get in there!

    1. The Wife was an excellent movie. It was based on a book by Meg Wollitzer. The supportive wife role of the last half of the 20th century was explored. It sound like your part-time job is interesting. I have not subbed in many years so I've limited it to only 2 days a week. Enjoy Phoenix!

  2. Oh I do want to know more about the classic navy dress...who makes it and what is the fabric...
    as to the pleated skirt...I do hope you can find one locally.
    Editing and curating the closet has been important for me too...mine is so small and I share it with my husband who is still actively working in the architectural firm so I must keep my things to a minimum!

    1. My dress if about 5 years old and I bought it on Granville Island. It is ponte and made by Tomo, a maker with whom I am unfamiliar. It is loose and can be worn with a belt or not. The only similar skirt I can find is Eileen Fisher ($400+). I think that is too expensive to wear to school. Minimal makes life easier.


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