Vancouver Writers' Festival Days

The leaves are falling.
For the last few years, I have volunteered at the Vancouver Writers' Festival. For 3 or 4 days, I take the bus and train into Vancouver to meet authors and to attend readings. For a few hours of involvement, I am able to attend any event that is not sold out for free. Most days, I meet an author at the hotel and walk with them to their venue. Sometimes, they have a representative from their publishing house with them so I'm just a tag-a-long.  I select the events that I work so they are usually of interest to me.
on the way to Granville Island

This year, the October weather is wonderful. I got off the Canada Line and walked 20 minutes along False Creek. As I walked along, I wondered why I don't visit False Creek more often. I take bus and train for about 40 minutes as I don't like to drive in the city and parking is expensive.

I'm still working on selfies.

Last night, I attended a very interesting event called A Couple of Writers with Wayne Grady and Merilyn Simonds. They discussed being married and writing individually and collaborating on a work. I enjoyed the event and I am eager to read their most recent works Refuge and Up from Freedom. I'm not sure if the library will have them yet but either would make an interesting book club 
read. Merilyn Simonds said that part of the reason she writes is to provoke discussion. 

Well, I'd better go because I have a very early shift today. I'll take look to see what events are open today  or perhaps I'll just walk in the October Sunshine.


  1. These October days are perfect for walking. What a great event to volunteer for; it combines so many of your interests. Enjoy the day!

    1. Today I volunteered with a woman who taught English at Emily Carr, works in a hospice and performs musically. The event was a diverse group of young poets who really delighted the high school students in the audience. Only one of the group had published but the students brought notebooks and agendas to be signed. It was a very interesting presentation for me because I don't often see this age group.


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