A Community with Heart

the barracks where I'm staying
Yesterday, I walked over 20,000 steps and climbed the equivalent of 18 flights of stairs. A heart healthy day for sure. Imagine a town where they've turned a military fort into a centre for the arts!
I'm staying in a comfortable but draughty (electric heater necessary) building with a room mate of similar age and interests.

As we are on a retreat, we don't talk much and are respectful of the space. Armed with a book about the writing process and a notebook, I wandered the town yesterday, writing in coffee shops, eavesdropping discreetly and snapping photos. I generated ideas for several blogs and a short story.

This is a reading/writing community.

I passed at least four independent bookstores during the day. My favourite is Imprint Books/Writers .Workshop where there are quiet rooms available for a small charge for those who wish to write. I had just spoken to Monsieur L-B about how the proximity in our apartment prevents him from pursuing his musical interests and prevents me from having the silence that I need for ideas generation. It would be wonderful to go to a specially designated space to write.

a Canadian connection

A community with heart cares about the environment. I was able to walk from the fort to the downtown up the stairs (many!!!) to uptown and back to the fort. I carried a few groceries back to the barracks so I had to stop occasionally.

I've never seen a walking map like this.

Bus fare is a dollar for the whole day (unlimited transfers) but it is a lengthy ride because it services the community. Taxi fare is set at $3 or $5 and there is a special service for those with mobility problems.

a welcoming community
As I walked through Port Townsend, I noticed this sign in many yards. It certainly speaks for itself.
As a Canadian, I had never heard of Moveon.org but the community is making a statement against
Donald Trump's policies.

I listened to an interview with Barbara Kingsolver last night and I am walking to town to buy a copy of her latest book Unsheltered.  What a wonderful retreat!