I'm Adopting!

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As I get older, I think more about what is important in my life. As an elder, I believe that my quest for self awareness is important. Reading and education are my passions and I consider myself a member of a global community.

This Christmas, I have decided to sponsor a children's library in Oaxaca. I have been negotiating and waiting to find out where my funds are needed. I am sharing my library with my great niece and nephew to whom I generally give a book at Christmas. They are fortunate to have been born in Canada where we have  both school libraries and public libraries. Their family includes many educators so they have received many a gift book. 

It is exciting to watch these children!

 Our library will be a mobile one serving the children of vendors who come from the hills around Oaxaca to bring their wares into the markets. Their children come with them and attend school infrequently. An employee of Libros para Pueblos will bring a cart of books to the market and read to the children. The children will select books which will be collected at the end of the day.

I hope that these children, who are not able to attend school regularly, will develop a love of books. Perhaps in the future there will be more opportunities for the indigenous peoples of Mexico to have  access to education and employment.

For my great-niece and nephew, I hope that they will grow into adults who will care about those who are less fortunate and who will think beyond borders.

“The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.”

—John Lubbock


  1. Your generous gift will be most appreciated and when you return to Oaxaca you will be able to see first hand the difference your generosity has made to the lives of those children.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season Madame.

    1. I am really looking forward to seeing the library and maybe going with the librarian one day.

  2. What a wonderful project to get behind! I hope it is an ongoing success. Our son and his family have sponsored a young schoolgirl in Mexico for years. I'm so glad my little granddaughters know the young lady there is important to their parents.

    1. I truly believe that we need to support those who do not have the same opportunities as we have. We are not entitled because of where we were born or the circumstances of our parents. All children should have access to education.


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