Sunny Days!

a rainbow of drinks

Grey winter days at home mean time for a sunny escape to me! I'm not really a tropical resort person but we are renting an apartment outside of Puerto Vallarta. We have a view across the Bay of Banderas from our terrace. Sunrises and sunsets over the ocean are wonderful to behold!
view from the terrace
This is the first time my daughter has had a tropical vacation since she was a child. She has never had
a vacation with Monsieur or been away for Christmas so this is an adventure. Vacations with adult children are a different experience. When I was growing up, we did not have vacations with extended family. We often spent time with my parents' friends and their family. As an adult, I travelled with Monsieur's late mother frequently but my parents travelled as a couple. Here we are...a couple with different rhythms and eating habits and another adult! How do we negotiate the days?

first day out

Today, my daughter and I will take the bus to town to visit markets and shops. I have done this a lot of times so it won't be a new experience for me. She is looking forward to the day. We don't have a lot of money to spend so our purchases must be well-considered. Monsieur will stay home and explore our neighbourhood. I envy women with "shopping husbands" but mine is definitely not one of them. We'll meet back at the apartment to go out for dinner.

My husband grew up with an island summer home. He is used to water sports and small boats. I suffered from motion sickness as a child and I'm not overly fond of jet-ski boats or water taxis. I enjoy the colours of the flowers and the ocean. I'm happy to read some of the time. I was going to bring sketching pencils but I travelled with
a very small suitcase.

The House of the Sweet Dreams is for sale.

The house across the street is for sale. It has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a pool. It costs just a bit more that our apartment at home. The blues in this complex remind me of Greece.

flowers outside the door
It is very peaceful here. I heard church bells in the distance and the passing of traffic on the road below.  The birds chatter in the nearby jungle and a lizard is sleeping on the roof tiles. We've bought a few groceries as the closest restaurants are a few kilometres away. Life at La Casa del Oceano Azul is
very comfortable.