Homely Observations

During the last few years, I have spent many months (probably two years worth) away from my principal residence. While I am away, I eat, drink, sleep, read, write, watch Netflix, walk and explore. I attend churches, make friends, practise other languages and volunteer. I talk to my friends through What's App and I write e-mails and blogs. I'm seldom lonely and I seldom miss my belongings.

I've been using this china for 45 years.
When I was growing up, the acquisition of fine china, crystal and flatware was regarded as important in the lives of young women. I collected Royal Doulton fine bone china and a Norwegian pattern for everyday. When I married in 1974, I registered my patterns at our local Eaton's
department store. I still use my everyday Lotte china but my bone china has not been out of the buffet for years.

I rarely use this china.
I've changed a lot since I was 20 years old. Although I still like blue and white, I've collected an assortment of majolica (brightly painted dishes) that I mix with earth tones to reflect my years of travel. During my girlhood, there were Sunday dinners with good china and roast beef. Today, I'm more likely to make a curry or risotto for guests. I use a mélange of dishes to reflect the menu.

Quimper dishes from France and vintage pottery.

I bought my first Quimper ware in France more than 30 years ago. Quimper has been made in Britanny since 1685. Over the years I have collected some vintage pieces in Paris. If you are lucky, there is a week-end when a vide-grenier (attic sale) is held and you may find some vintage crockery.

Collecting china seems to have passed out of fashion. I'm not sure that my daughter really appreciates my taste in tableware. We don't entertain that much at home so I guess it is important to use the good dishes as much as possible.


  1. Your dishes are lovely. I know what you mean about the next generation not wanting our dishes. I just gave away my Mikasa wedding dishes since I rarely used them. I love collecting dishes still, a habit I need to break.

    1. I like to combine different patterns of dishes. It seems more creative than everything matching. I'm not going to buy any more although I often see pieces that I covet.


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