Looking for Paris at Home

fresh flowers and crystal

I love all things French! French literature, French décor, French style....I have been a francophile all of my life! I even won the Government of France book award 50 years ago! It's in a box somewhere.
This month, I am decluttering (although I discard belongings every month) and I am looking for objects in my home that transport me to Paris and that bring me joy. I also watched an episode of Marie Condo on Netflix.

Waking to a clean and tidy bedroom brings me joy! Carnations are my birthday flower and they are inexpensive and colourful . Crystal reflects the light in the darker days of January. This lamp was purchased in Canada but it has a "French feel" to me.

fleur-de-lys balls and vintage candelabra with beaded table runner

Le salon in our apartment does not get used as much as it should. I grew up in a home where we did not sit in the living room. Parisians (and other people who live in smaller homes) utilize all of their spaces. I found all of these objects in my décor closet and created a new look for the coffee table. I spend most afternoons reading so for the next month I shall try to use the living room.

a touch of red in the kitchen
My kitchen was designed with a Mexican look (my other love) but I've added a few French touches over the years. I enjoy the winter cooking smells when I make a pot of soup (or chili). Red is so cheery in our galley kitchen. 

collage art in the hallway

Books! Flowers! Paris! This piece of art makes me smile.

soaps from France in a Quimper dish
A while ago, Materfamilias wrote about Joanna, an American expat who is now living in Lyon  and who is selling French décor items on etsy. I have been following Joanna on Instagram and I take vicarious pleasure in her posts. What an adventure!

Selecting a few items in each room that give me pleasure is an exercise that empowers me to "deselect" some other objects. "Deselection", pruning, cutting back are winter activities. Now in my later 60's, I no longer wish to have objects, activities or people in my life that do not make me happy.

I was sorting through books the other day and I rediscovered A Good House is Never Done. I have a selection of design books that I seldom open these days. Perhaps in le salon, this afternoon.....

my afternoon read


  1. beautiful decorations.
    I should read "A Good House is Never Done. "

    greeting- evi erlinda

    1. Thank you. I enjoy reading design books. There are always small touches that can be added with little expense.

  2. Flowers, books,Paris...you are my kind of girl. I’m so glad I discovered your blog on Dewena’s sidebar. That red pot is Devine. I also have watched Marie Kondo and have become an organizing maniac. (See my blogpost today...season-to-season.blogpost.com)
    I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog.

    1. I just visited your blog for the first time. I'm working on my decluttering. I like your numbered boxes. As a retired teacher-librarian, filing systems appeal to me.


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