Playing with Makeup

Bombshell Red

I'm looking forward to spring.  My birthday and Valentine's Day have passed. The early blooms in the garden have been covered with snow for a week. The doctor has decreed that my 67 year old knees are indeed arthritic. I have been struggling to write about spiritual resilience in the older years but to no avail. Sometimes we just have to be frivolous.

A friend who is undergoing some major changes in her life has suggested that we hire a makeover artist to give us a bit of later life glamour. I have had consultations with the Chanel representative a few years ago but my budget now includes some less expensive products.  The beauty counsellor at our local drugstore is also very helpful.

I collect samples from Sephora so I have quite a few trial size products in my cosmetic bag. I decided to do a makeover on myself.

skin care

I don't need a foundation but I wear a tinted moisturizer for daily protection. At home, I wear a 20SPF and in Mexico, I wear a UV50. I wear a brimmed hat for additional protection.

the basics

I have been experimenting with a basic regimen. Lancome Visionnaire Yeux goes around my eyes. It moisturizes so that eye makeup goes on smoothly. Clarin's Eclat Minute goes under the eye to brighten. Personally, I'm not sure about the value of prestige brands. My 87 year-old mother looks a decade younger. I enjoy playing with a colour palette so I've chosen The Burgundy Bar by Maybelline as my eyeshadow. There are 12 colours and suggested combinations are printed on the back of the package. I used Stila smoky quartz eyeliner with Lancome Grandiose Extreme mascara.

I've not mastered the selfie.
I discovered AmorePacific lip treatment among my samples. It seems to make lipstick application easier. Another inexpensive product that I've been using is Revlon's Bombshell Red. I add a bit of
Chanel Rose Temptation to my cheeks and I'm ready to go.

I'm not sure about makeup artistry. I've just been playing with the products that I already own. Something that I have been wondering about...I used to tint my eyebrows. They always seemed too dark to me. Now they are natural but they reflect the colour of my hair. To tint or not...that is the question.

Ever since I was a girl, with Maybelline, Cutex and Yardley products from Woolworth's or Kresge's, I have enjoyed playing with makeup. It's not essential but it's fun. Have you ever paid for a makeover?
Do you visit with representatives in the cosmetics department or drug store? Do you have favourite prestige products or drugstore products?

Personalized beauty is about each woman being able to create her own makeup routine that complements her coloring and style.      
Bobbi Brown


  1. Love your soft hairstyle...the colour is stunning!
    That red lipstick is perfect for you too...and I envy you not needing a foundation.
    Your skin is so radiant and clear...
    I have never paid for a "professional " make over...I sat at the Bobbi Brown make up counter once at Nordstroms and the gal applied some new shades of colour. I did buy a couple of the products and still use the blusher as it is easy to apply and the colour works for me.

    You Tube has some fun videos on make overs.

    This was a fun post to read!
    Thank you.

    1. I've been tempted to try Bobbi Brown. There's a shop in the Marais in Paris. My "travelling" self likes to sample the luxurious while my "home" self actually likes the Shoppers' Drugmart counter. How is your hair growing? It's a bit of a challenge to grow curly hair.

  2. Yesterday I decided to buy a few new products at a John Lewis department store in Cheltenham. I tried a new fairly expensive brand for the first time (Charlotte Tilbury). The sales assistant cleansed my skin and we tried several coloursof a very lightweight foundation. I hate to feel caked with makeup. This brand seemed to provide enough coverage to even out my skin tone and the colour ‘disappeared’ into my skin. They also did a wonderful concealer which she applied on the dark circles under my eyes. So I bought those. I prefer a waterproof mascara and purchased Dior Iconic overcurl mascara which is meant to lengthen and as the name implies, curl. I haven’t tried that one yet. Lastly, a new lipstick. I love the Lancôme brand and chose one in a colour called Rose nature. Lancôme lipsticks seem to moisturise my lips well but also have some staying power. So, as you see, I don’t particularly stick to one brand but I do like the more expensive brands. Ditto for moisturiser. I save on items like cleanser and facial wipes. I reckon that this is one area that gives me enjoyment bothin the choosing and the effect.

  3. It sounds as if you had a successful day. I've not trued Charlotte Tilbury. I'm not sure whether it's available in Canada. Moisturizer seems an important investment to me because I like rich but not greasy texture.


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