A Gentleman in Moscow and a Cultural Exposition

free food from 8 regions

I finished reading A Gentleman in Moscow yesterday. I don't want to spoil the book for those who might like to read it but I found the circumstances of the novel thought-provoking. A man, condemned to house arrest for life in a Moscow hotel manages to lead a full life without stepping outside. The characters within the walls of the hotel and the reflections of the protagonist provide a life of love, music, literature, food and political intrigue that lasts for over 30 years.

Personally, I enjoy spending time in "different lives." In Oaxaca, I have friends and acquaintances
who welcome me back each year. They know nothing of my family or friends in Canada but they invite me to their parties and luncheons each year. I return annually to work that has been set aside 
for me because I am an "extra pair of hands" during my stay. In addition, I have an opportunity to experience other cultures, foods and sunshine.
another region

Yesterday, as I was walking to my "work", I happened upon a cultural/gastronomic exposition sponsored by the English language students of 8 regions of Oaxaca. These students speak 3 languages:indigenous, Spanish and English. They do not live in the city of Oaxaca but in the valleys.
They danced, sang and played music.  Parents and grandparents served the regional dishes.

The students of Oaxaca are developing the language skills to interact globally while retaining and showing respect for the traditional ways.


  1. What an interesting festival to experience! I too found A Gentleman in Moscow an intriguing read and much food for thought.

  2. It is amazing to see such enthusiastic young people!


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