Adjustments in Travel

It's very hot for these dogs.
One of the positive aspects of solo travel is the ease with which adjustments can be made. This is the fifth time that I have visited Oaxaca in March but the temperatures seem warmer this year. By noon, they have climbed to 33 degrees Centigrade. On days that I'm not volunteering or meeting a friend, I have developed a routine.

Not only Paris has sidewalk cafés.
Oaxaqueños eat their meals at different times than I do at home. I wake early and read for a while in English and in Spanish. I bought a newspaper and I collect the free pamphlets at museums. Showering is a challenge in a city where it does not rain for 6 months. At 9 o'clock, I leave for breakfast. Today, I had a cheese and grasshopper omelette.

The Museum of Oaxacan Painters

I plan to visit one gallery each day that I am free. I have visited before but the exhibits change.
Galleries are either free or there is a nominal (less than $1.00 charge). Today I am visiting the
Museum of Oaxacan Painters to see an exhibit called Empoderando de la Mujer (Empowering Women).

I pass this face many times in the street.
Older indigenous women who come from the mountains to the city end up as vendors or beggars.
I keep a small purse of coins to share with these women. I am fortunate to see two other new exhibits.
El Artista en el Estudio and the art of Victor Hugo Perez.

La Niña Mosca (Fly Girl) by Pérez

A self-portrait of Victor Hugo Pérez was included in the artist exhibition.

Birds and insects seem to play a role in Oaxacan art.

The Europeans who settled in the Central Valley constructed buildings that provided shelter from the brilliant sun. As many of the galleries that I am visiting were built in the 16th and 17th centuries, I am benefitting from their architectural ingenuity. The museum is airy with lots of benches.

The Spanish settlers built cool buildings.

During my stay in Oaxaca, I am trying to be very careful with my walking. My knee has not become swollen since I have been here but I have limited my total walking distance to about 6 kilometres. 
In the afternoon, I spend time in my apartment reading and writing again. 

Linen clothing helps with the heat.

For this trip, I have made adjustments to my activity level based on my personal requirements. As we age, we can continue to travel as long as we make reasonable adjustments to our levels of activity.


  1. You have left me wondering if there really were grasshoppers in your omelette. Even the beautiful paintings and interesting history of the place that make me wish I could visit there too still leave me wondering if your adventurous spirit includes those friendly creatures in your breakfast eggs. But then maybe that's why you're such a good writer, you always leave us wanting to know more!

    1. There really were grasshoppers. In a place where there is little rain, there is no grazing land. The people have come to use whatever protein sources are available.


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