Everyday Life In Oaxaca

Fruits and vegetables are abundant here.
After a week, I have settled in my new little home. I have revisited my favourite restaurants and practised my Spanish with the waiters. In Oaxaca, the older waiters seem to stay in their jobs for
years. As this is my fifth consecutive year of visiting, I am recognized as "the book lady from Canada".

Eating alone in restaurants does not bother me at all. I have always carried a book and I find that my phone is another diversion. I do, however, sometimes have a problem asking (complaining politely)
in other countries. The wifi in my apartment has been erratic. This has resulted in an overuse of my data on my cellular (easily remedied for little money at any corner store). Today, I went to the office of my complex and asked. No problem! The young man just registered me on a different network for longer-term residents.

I am reading The Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towes. In post-revolutionary Soviet Union, the Count Rostov has been sentenced to spending his days in the Metropol Hotel where he has been living for several years. As his physical world is diminished, the Count gains insight into his life of entitlement. So far, this seems to be the ultimate "letting go" novel.

a sunny courtyard

I respect the ex-patriate people that I have met here in Oaxaca. Most have left household possessions,
friends, family and sometimes relationships to live here. Climate, culture and community are the rewards. Personally, I am ambivalent. I have enjoyed decorating our apartment in Canada but I understand that attachment causes suffering.

This painting reminds me of Las Meninas.

I'm going to a volunteer party tonight. I just read a study that meeting different sorts of people
supports brain health. The ability to step outside of one's comfort zone keeps us younger. I'm not sure but it sounds like a good theory.


  1. I really enjoy reading about your experiences as a temporary ex-pat.

  2. Thanks , Julhli. It's fun and challenging to live temporarily in another country.

  3. I enjoy seeing different cultures through your eyes. You rather amaze me, to be truthful. I only do my traveling through books and other bloggers' posts but have always told my children to spend money on travel experiences rather than things. Your language skills fascinate me too! And your mind that is so thirsty for things outside your own home--and yet that you also love making a home, whether it is in your apartment back home or in a rented home in another country.

    Let us know about the Gentleman in Moscow when you finish it, please!

    1. Thanks, Dewena. I'm slowing getting involved with the Moscow Gentleman. There is little action but a lot of reflection.

  4. I love visiting Mexico. I live across the border from Juarez and used to so enjoy a day at the market followed by an authentic Mexican meal before returning to El Paso at sunset. Now days, it is too dangerous to go. But I have many happy memories.

    Love the photo of the courtyard. Wish I could wiggle my nose and be sitting in the sunshine right there.

    Glad you were able to get a fix to the connectivity issues in your apartment. Is this apartment some place you own/rent? Or more of an Air B&B situation? I am fairly comfortable dining alone, too. Went to Wing Daddy's last night because I could walk there and wanted a beer. Enjoyed a salad, beer and dessert that I should not have eaten. And the company of a good book.

    Please consider writing up your experience at the volunteer party and link up with us on 03.31 for Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone. You will inspire others! Leslie at onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com

    1. I'll try Leslie. The wifi comes and goes. I rent the apartment and I have to find a different one each year as lots of people keep the rentals year-round. Living in a different country is definitely stepping out of one's comfort zone. But I meet women (lots of them) who have chosen to grow old here. There's a 90 year-old lady who volunteers with me at the library who has lived here for 30 years.!!! She still is enthusiastic about concerts and lectures. Hope to link up, MME


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