Home Again! Again!

willow tree with catkins
After 2 nights of little sleep and a 5 o'clock flight from Mexico City, I arrived home to spring sunshine. I am so glad because I am not a grey cloud drizzle sort of person although I make exceptions for London or Paris. When you leave Mexico City at early morning hours, you arrive in Vancouver mid-morning. Mid-morning! But I've already been up 10 hours! I don't want to go home and start laundry, deal with reality (home style) or leave the free-spirit me who I have come to love and enjoy. Fortunately, I convinced Monsieur that I needed lunch and we arrived at a local lunch spot before the rush. First reality check, there is a rush, I don't know the server and the cost for an appie, wine, burger and coffee would feed me for a week in Oaxaca. But I learned from ever-resourceful daughter how to make my own healthy poke.

healthy, inexpensive poke

Today, I walked to the store (not an interesting walk) purchased a bag of super 5 greens (savoy cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, radishes and kale) tuna marinated in sesame dressing and and avocado.
Voilà, my inexpensive healthy lunch. My goodness, I made a habit of sharing food photos because of my missing friend who loves all things gastronomic so I just might continue. I am a visual person so food presentation is important.

cheerful pansies in the parking lot

I tend three spots in our housing complex and I am always trying to get maximum brightness for minimal financial output. I don't own these spots so there might (not likely) be someone else who would like to tend them. My goal is to create cheerful spots that everyone can enjoy and to provide opportunities for myself to work in a garden. Unfortunately, my enclosed sunroom has been demolished and the repairs will likely not be completed before October or November.

anemone and muscari

We have lived in our complex for 23 years. I think that I have lived here long enough to be frustrated with many of the inconveniences of strata living. Our main door, which was re-keyed 2 months ago, has had to be re-keyed again because of someone's carelessness. In the previous 22 years, this did not happen. I'm starting to sound old and cranky. Notice that my away self is positive and upbeat!

coffee table for spring

On a brighter note, I slept well last night. Monsieur bought me some lovely flowers and I'm changing my decor to spring.

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  1. I love this cheery and colourful post!
    I would love to see more meal photos and I also need a bit more information on the tuna poke salad. Do you cook it? Serve it raw? I'd love to try it...looks like the perfect lunch to me.

    1. No, the tuna is raw. I bought mine at my daughter's advice from Safeway for 100 grams @2.29. One hundred fifty grams gave me a generous serving of tuna. I pay $15 -18 for poke in a restaurant. Typical poke has rice but I order double greens . It 's a healthy and inexpensive lunch.

  2. Welcome home. It always takes awhile for me to adjust to "real life." I hope the sunroom demolition was planned and not an accident!

    1. Yes, our buildings which are 45 years old are being renovated. We've had a sunroom for 23 years but it's going to be an open balcony when it's finished. The drainage is better.


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