Busy Days

Pink is my spring colour!
Any time after 7:00 in the morning, I hear the clomping of workboots outside the bedroom window. I'm an early waker but I enjoy some reading and writing time in the morning. I bring a cup of coffee back to bed and enjoy. Tuesdays and Thursdays, the phone rings to call me to work. I've been busy in French Immersion classrooms recently. There are few French-speaking substitute teachers so my calls are regular. The extra money will help with the cost of the renovations and the dental work that is pending. Not such glamourous goals!

I've been working with a limited number of items of clothing (more than 33) to simplify the limitations of our physical space. We don't have access to the storage cupboard and our storage locker is full. I paid to store our patio furniture after a few days of living with it in the hallway (along with some dog paraphernalia). My chosen wardrobe colours are pink and green. It's spring so I've given myself a break from my grey/navy neutrals. Beige linen is by neutral for this season.

Tilde does not like her birthday gift.

Tilde needs to be walked frequently during the renovations. She used washable pads on the balcony for inside days (rainy) but now we are walking more frequently. She received a raincoat from a neighbour but she hates it as she hates all dog clothing. She's attending Obedience Level 2 classes but she still barks at certain people.

Since our balcony has become off limits, I have begun a different recycling centre. I collect, wash and sort materials in the kitchen and take them down to the bins whenever I go downstairs. I don't subscribe to the newspaper, we receive most mail electronically, I don't usually buy canned food but
we definitely use too much plastic.

Monsieur and I have very different tastes in food. I eat a vegetable-based diet with mostly fish and seafood as my protein. Monsieur eats burgers, ham and cheese sandwiches and drinks his plant foods in the form of Jugo Juice. If I buy larger quantities of produce, I tend to waste so I buy a lot of packaged salads. Almost all vegetable products come in single use plastic packaging. I wonder if I could take my own container to the Safeway deli. I enjoy a salad as lunch on Tuesday and Thursday work days.

Saturday, we attended a 70th birthday party. Monsieur played "Oldies" music with a band of men from his school days (long ago). There was a sock hop theme with freeze dances, spot dances and door prizes. I put on some pink, got my hair trimmed and went along with the band. It's a very long evening for a groupie!

Today is Monday! I've laundry to do and my pantry is near empty. But it's sunny....I'll probably go walking. It's better for my health. A sunny day away from hammers and saws is too good to waste.


  1. Oh, I loved your Spring wardrobe colours -- you are looking 'in the pink'! Feeling for dear Tilde with her rain gear, she doesn't look happy, does she!

    Enjoyed my visit. Wishing you a beautiful day.

    1. I love the spring flowers and colours so much! We've not had much rain this spring. I hope that we don't have another dry summer. Tilde is not fond of dog clothes but she feels the cold and wet. I saw your garden visit blog. It looks so beautiful. My father's family lived in Sussex. Have a lovely spring day!

  2. Pink is very much your colour! You look fabulous!
    I don't know if any dogs like wearing raincoats but I see many of them wearing them on walks in the rain.
    Hope you got out for the walk it was a lovely day.

  3. OHMYGOODNESS! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog allowing me to backlink to find you here. You are a delightful soul-beautiful inside and out -I can tell already. I am your newest follower and will put you on my sidebar so I don't miss any posts. I read from there. I am working full-time (after retiring once) but hope to keep up with you. I am looking forward to going back and reading some of your older posts when I have time. Diana

    1. Returning to work after retirement is a a challenge. I was retired for 6 years before returning. My pace of home life had slowed down. I enjoy reading your blog which I discovered on Dewena's blog. It's always a treat to find another blog to read. That might be why my pace at home has slowed. I spend a lot of time reading!


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